How to set up network speed measurement on Speedtest

Speedtest is a reputable website that allows you to measure your Internet speed effectively, but the parameters shown to you are usually units used in international languages, so you should set up to Switch to the unit commonly used in Vietnam, how to set up network speed measurement on Speedtest? Please refer to the following article.

Speedtest is an online service that helps users measure the internet speed of their network operators such as Viettel, FPT or VNPT, if you are using Viettel network, use Speedtest to check the Viettel network speed, when using Speedtest check Viettel network speed, you will know the download and upload parameters of the package you have registered.

Usually the units in Speedtest are used according to English language standards. For example, the unit of time will be in the 24-hour format or the distance will use the unit is miles, so it will be difficult for some users who want to measure network speed but are not used to it. To reset these values, follow these steps:

How to set up network speed measurement on Speedtest

Step 1: You access the website Speedtest here.

Step 2: On the interface of the website window, click on the item Settings

Step 3: Section Settings will display the information you can configure including:

Time: You can choose 24-hour or 12-hour time format

Date: Select the date format type

Distance: Select distance units (miles or Km)

Speed: Line speed (Mbps or Kbps)

Server: Select a server

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After you have set the network speed test on Speedtest, you can press the button Go to check my internet connection speed. Especially Speedtest also allows you to save settings. However, this requires you to create a Speedtest account and log in, if not clear how to create a Speedtest account, you can refer to the article of Taimienphi.

In addition, checking the computer speed is also a problem that many readers care about. The computer speed test will help you add more knowledge about the computer so that you can easily select and upgrade your computer or laptop configuration.
As mentioned above, in addition to supporting Viettel network speed test, FPT or VNPT networks are also supported by Speedtest, using FPT network, you can easily check the FPT network speed to see if the connection is stable or not. , how to check the network speed of FPT is similar to the way of Viettel.


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