How to share the phone screen on Android with Skype

Sharing your phone screen on Android is one of the new improvements that Microsoft has updated to Skype to give users a better service experience. If you are an Android user but do not know how to use screen sharing, please refer to the instructions that Taimienphi has done in detail below.

Screen sharing is one of a series of new features provided by Skype on the phone application. In its introduction, the company has shared this feature was developed with the purpose of helping users can support, guide friends and partners to do something easier.

Share your phone screen on Android via Skype

To use the feature Share phone screen On Android, you should use the latest updated version of Skype. If you have not updated or installed Skype, you can download it now through the link below.

For Android version: Download Skype on Android

Share your phone screen on Android with Skype

First of all, you Open the Skype application from the phone screen and follow each step below.

Step 1:In the working screen of Skype application, friend Select a contact and do Video calls.

how to share phone screen on android with skype preview

Step 2: When the call has been connected successfully, press the button Option There is a 3-dot picture at the bottom right corner of the screen. In the new options that appear, you choose Share screen.

how to share phone screen on skype android 3

Step 3: After about 3 seconds, the process Share phone screen will be performed. Now all operations on your device screen are recorded and transmitted directly to the person you are talking to.

how to share phone screen on android phone skype quickly
Taimienphi has just guided 3 simple and quick steps to help you share your Android phone screen to others. In the actual manipulation process Screen sharing between 2 Skype accounts, if you have any problem, please leave a comment below the article for Taimienphi to respond as soon as possible!


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