How to shoot 4K video on Samsung Galaxy S8

How to shoot 4K video on Samsung Galaxy S8

Owning Samsung Galaxy S8 without knowing how to shoot 4K movies is a waste, the article below, will show you how to record 4K movies on Galaxy S8, Samsung’s high-end phone line to get keys. sharp, vivid without the need for specialized cameras.

For technology enthusiasts, it is impossible not to forget the super product Galaxy S8 just launched recently. Although priced up to over 18 million But the number of orders of the Galaxy S8 has always reached a record. Possessing many advanced features and including the high-end photography or Galaxy S8 screen capture mode, more convenient for users than previous versions.

Galaxy S8 is equipped with a series of high-end features and the worst configuration. Therefore there is no reason why the Galaxy S8 cannot play 4K movies nor record. Feature 4K movie recording on Galaxy S8 is one of the most outstanding features and to enable this feature, please read the following instructions.

How to shoot 4K video on Galaxy S8

Step 1: First on the Screen’s screen Galaxy S8 you access Camera application to record 4K movies on Galaxy S8.

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Step 2: Right on the camera interface of the Galaxy S8 you click on the icon Settings right corner of the screen.

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Step 3: In the setting section Camera settings Camera Settings Notice the Rear Camera section and select the Video Size section, which will allow us to set up for 4K movie recording on the Galaxy S8.

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Step 4: In the resolution setting you can set up to 7 different modes for you to freely choose.

– VGA standard: 640 x 480 resolution, this is the lowest resolution on Galaxy S8. Note that the VGA standard does not support video recording on the Galaxy S8.
HD Standard: Standard popular with phones 3, 4 years ago and has a resolution of 1280 x 720.
Standard 1: 1: Has a 1440 x1440 square resolution and is not supported for movie shooting, only supports shooting on Galaxy S8.
FHD standard: The most popular resolution today with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 suitable for all types of machines.
Standard FHD (60 FPS): 1920 x 1080 recording mode is common but at 60 frames, and when you are using this mode it will not be possible to take pictures while in recording mode.
QHD standard: Quad HD standard for right 2560 x 1440, also known as 2K, in this mode you will not be using HDR recording style, video effects or dynamic focus.
UHD standard: The highest standard Ultra HD and allows you to record 4K movies on Galaxy S8, just like QHD you will not have HDR support, video effects or dynamic focus.

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And with the UHD option, you’ll be able to record 4K movies on the Galaxy S8. Of course, the current Galaxy S8 has not announced whether 4K video recording on the Galaxy S8 will be limited in time like previous versions.

Yes, 4K video recording on the Galaxy S8 is one of the Galaxy S8’s standout features, but there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Galaxy S8, one is a very expensive and easy device. If something happens to you, you will have to spend a lot of money to repair your device. That is also Reason not to buy Galaxy S8, the reason many users are hesitating today.

In addition, when using Samsung S8 as well as other versions, the application displays notification updates, new features, even reminders will be annoying for the user, you absolutely have. You can turn off, block notifications on Galaxy S8, turn off Notification of applications on Samsung S8.
Besides, if you are looking to buy a Samsung S8 phone, you should check the information as well as check the Samsung S8 carefully, because checking the Samsung S8 will help you know more information. about the phone I’m about to buy.


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