How to show hidden files and folders in Windows 8

In the process of using the computer, there are many errors arising such as: Virus hiding files, folders, … So how to display this data? Within the article, will guide you how to show hidden files and folders in Windows 8.

The recently launched Windows 8 operating system adds many new features, with UI Metro interface different from the previous version, higher security, more attractive features, but for first-time users will be surprised. To show hidden File, Folder in Windows 8, please follow the steps below.

Instructions on how to show hidden files and folders in Windows 8

Step 1: Open My computer by pressing the key combination Windows + E

Step 2: Press combination Ctrl + F1 The menu will pop up with options, then switch to the tab View. Click on the Hidden or click on it Options to adjust the view for files, Foder, …

Step 3: In the dialog that appears, click the tab View.

Step 4: Choose show hidden files, foder, or Driver Also remove the options Hide empty driver, hide foder merge conflicts … as shown below then click OK, got it To confirm

And as a result, all hidden folders have been shown
Above, we have just guided you to manipulate to show the File and Folder on Windows 8. Also, you can refer to How to display the Library folder on Windows 8.1, How to detect a stranger opening a computer, …


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