How to show hidden files in USB, memory cards caused by viruses, open USB not see files

How to show hidden files in USB, memory cards caused by viruses, open USB not see files

USB files, hidden memory cards are one of the problems that users often encounter. There are many causes for this error and the most common one is usually caused by a virus. So how to show hidden files in USB, memory card as well as how to do it? The following article Taimienphi will guide you how to show hidden files in USB and memory cards in the most detailed way.

USB, memory cards are compact and handy data storage devices that allow easy data exchange between devices via USB or memory card port. However, it is also because of the manipulation of copying between many computer devices, laptops, phones … so they are easily infected with viruses that can steal data, hide files, destroy files, folders … Even you think that because you do not use antivirus software, the possibility of these data files being lost … The main reason may be due to a virus hide those files, so how to Recover hidden files in USB? In the following article, Taimienphi will guide you on how to recover hidden files in USB, memory cards with just a few simple steps, and follow along.

How to recover, show hidden files in usb when plugged into the computer

Instructions to recover hidden files on USB stick and memory card

Before following the instructions below, you should ensure that your computer is virus free. You can wipe out viruses with antivirus software such as Bkav, Kaspersky, CMC .. before performing a hidden file recovery. If the virus is in your computer, it may not be possible to follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Open the program CMD with the highest admin rights

You click the button Start Menu, tap on that cmd admin and press Enter to access the Command Prompt (Admin) input page. If you are using Windows 10, you will have many ways to open CMD on Win 10, please refer to the instructions on how to open, open CMD on Win 10 of to accumulate yourself for more experience.

Display the file on USB

On Windows 10, you also do the same to open CMD with the highest admin rights.

phuc ho an file

Step 2: Window cmd appears, type the name of your USB drive and press Enter. For example, my USB drive is a drive F, I’ll type in that F:

Step 3: Next, type the command line attrib –S –H / S / D and press Enter. Wait for the program to finish running.


– For Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users, it is best manually type Because CMD on these versions does not yet support Copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V), users will have to right-click and select Paste.

– For Windows 10 users, you can completely copy and Paste the command line on CMD and perform easily. Alternatively, you can still right-click in CMD and click Paste in the context menu.

With just the simple operation above, you can easily recover hidden files on USB stick, memory card without any software. However, the data files on the USB or memory card are hidden because it may be due to Virus, you need to use usb antivirus software to protect the USB data safely.
Also, in the process of using Windows 10, if your computer boots slowly, you should refer to how to start Windows 10 faster to save time accessing your computer.


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