How to show seconds on a computer, seconds, minutes, and hours on Windows 10

The steps shown on your computer seconds, seconds, minutes, hours on Windows 10 below will help you manage your time, organize your work more effectively. Usually we only see the number of hours and minutes on the computer, but now you can show the number of seconds as well.

On Windows 10, there are many tricks and tricks that we can explore and each success brings a lot of value to ourselves. In addition to adjusting the computer time on Win 10 then show seconds in the taskbar Although it is an extremely small feature, it also increases the discoverability for those who love Windows 10, want to tweak Windows 10 more than the default settings.

Adjust the computer time in seconds on the taskbar

The display of seconds on the desktop looks like you didn’t notice but actually is not available by default, usually Windows only shows hours and minutes only. So how to show seconds on your computer, of course if it is the usual way we will not take your time so much. Need a little tricks and tweaking in the system in the article below will answer the above question.

How to adjust the computer time, showing the seconds on the computer on Windows 10

– First please make sure that the time displayed on the computer does not affect the system or cause Windows errors during use and you can apply it to the current seconds on the laptop.

Step 1: To show seconds on the computer we will need to access the Registry Editor by pressing the key combination Windows + R then enter “regedit” and confirm OK, got it later.

how to display shoes on computer software on windows 10 2

Step 2: In the Registry Editor, in turn, we will access the folders in the following order: HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> Explorer> Advanced .

how to display shoes on computer software on windows 10 3

Step 3: In the directory Advanced Right click and choose new > select continue DWORD (32-bit) Value Please.

Note: Whether using 32bit or 64 bit Windows still choose this option.

how to show the computer shoe on windows 10 4

Step 4: After creating a new reg file, name it ShowSecondsInSystemClock.

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Step 5: Double-clicking on the ShowSecondsInSystemClock file changes the value Value data = 1 then confirm OK.

how to show shoes on computer boots on windows 10 6

Step 6: In order to show seconds on windows you have to reboot the machine or at least Logout from account there.

how to show shoes on computer boots on windows 10 7

And the result shows seconds on the computer after restarting the computer, it’s too simple is not it.

how to display shoes on computer software on windows 10 8

So we have just completed the wizard on the computer, a small utility on Windows that not everyone knows. If you follow the articles on more often, you will see many more tips about Windows 10 or other operating systems that you can explore more. For example, how to use Cortana to turn off the computer, a good feature that very few people use due to many limitations as well as practical applications of Cortana, but try once to use Cortana to shutdown you will feel find it quite interesting in this feature.
You have been using Windows 10 for a long time and are unaware that there are some services that accidentally slow down your computer. Do you want to turn it off, you definitely have to, and with turning off unnecessary Services on Windows 10 is the most practical and effective solution for you. There are a lot of services that we don’t need in our daily laptop use and how to turn off unnecessary services on Windows 10 will help eliminate those wastes.


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