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How to sign in with Google on a computer


The process of signing in to Google to use is now basic and is practically accessible to everyone. Sign into your Google account successfully, you can view your contacts, go to Gmail, use Drive, Google photos … very simple. If you are not sure how to log in, see the instructions in this article right away.

Similarly, when you sign in to Gmail, you must first have a Gmail account, if not, you must sign up for Gmail to have this account. Sign in to Google the same thing only, you need to create a google account if you do not have an account, once created successfully and have an account, the login becomes simple only.

login google

Sign in to your Google account, sign in to Gmail

Once Sign in to your Google account If you succeed, you will be able to use many of Google’s rich and diverse applications for users. And this Google account, you can also use them to log in on Youtobe, on Facebook … to experience many interesting gadgets, interesting gadgets today.

Instructions for signing in to your Google account

1. Log in to your Google account on your computer

Step 1: You access the Google account login page HERE

Step 2: Click on it Log in in the upper right corner or click Log in in the middle of the interface.

login google 2

Step 3: Import account name (email or phone number), then select Next.

login google 3

Step 4: Enter the password, then press Next as described in the image below.

login google 4

You wait a few seconds for the system to log in to your account, when successful login, you will see the successful Google login interface will be as in the image below:

login google 5

2. Sign in to your Google account on your Android phone

On Android phones, users can sign in with their Google accounts to use Gmail to compose, send mail or download applications and games on CH Play or on Google Play to use them.

To Sign in to your Google account on Android You see the detailed instructions here.

Above is the guide sign in to Google done on computers and smartphones using Android operating system. Once successfully logged in, you can easily download applications on Google Play such as syncing photos, calendars, contacts, and using other Google services such as Gmail, Drive, Traslate …
If you have any questions or comments to discuss, please leave a comment in the comment section at the end of the article for us to discuss and discuss! Good luck.



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