How to sing Karaoke on your computer with Youtube

How to sing Karaoke on your computer with Youtube

Singing Karaoke on computers by Youtube is not too strange, many people choose because of the cost savings and more convenient than when buying equipment or going to a professional theater, here Taimienphi will share some Note, instructions for you to experience Karaoke on the computer with Youtube most satisfactory.

To buy a basic Karaoke equipment, you will need to invest a small fee for the device. With a complex system of amplifiers, microphones, speaker systems, computer players, … users will have many difficulties when they want to repair or refine it for themselves.

Sing Karaoke on the computer with Youtube

However, if Sing Karaoke on your computer using Youtube You absolutely can use the tools available to create a simple but equally professional Karaoke system.

1. Preparation
2. Find the song
3. Note

Sing Karaoke on the computer with Youtube

Understandably, singing Karaoke on Youtube with a computer is an online singing method without installing and using software. With the advantage of a huge data warehouse and constantly updated on Youtube, you can find Karaoke songs, varied music beat and many genres from old to new.

1. Prepare to sing Karaoke on Youtube
To sing Karaoke on Youtube with your computer, you need to be prepared.
* The computer has a stable network connection
* Speak
If you want to sing Karaoke on your computer, you should prepare a set of speakers, or large-capacity speakers, good sound to have music heard in and clearer. Connecting the speaker to a computer is also very simple and easy to do. However, if there is a connection but the speaker has problems, you can refer to the tips fix computer lost sound that we shared earlier.

Karaoke hat on computer with youtube 2

* Micro
Users can take advantage of the built-in microphone on some headset models to save costs but the recording quality is only at a basic level. You should choose a dedicated microphone for a better experience.
Currently, there are 2 mirco product lines on the market, including:
Wired microphone : Connect via physical jacks 3.5mmm, USB, Adapter.
Wireless microphones : Connect via Bluetooth.
Refer to the setup install mic to sing Karaoke here.

Karaoke hat on a computer with youtube 3

2. Find Karaoke songs on Youtube
Step 1: Open the website browser and access Youtube via the link Here.
Step 2: On the search toolbar, enter the keyword is Song Name + Karaoke. Click the search icon or the Enter button on the keyboard.
Step 3: Right-click to play the song in the playlist.

Tips Choose the song Karaoke with the most views to get the best quality.

Karaoke hat on computer with youtube 4

3. Some notes when singing Karaoke on Youtube
Adjust the speed of the song
If you feel the speed of playing the song is too fast or too slow, then in the song playback window, click the button Setting (Install) and select Playback Speed .

Karaoke hat on computer with youtube 5

In the dialog box Playback Speed , you can adjust the playback speed slower at the given level such as 0.25 to 0.75 or faster from 1.25 to 2. Alternatively, you can click Custom and custom settings themselves.

Karaoke hat on computer with youtube 6

Adjust the image quality of the song
To read words and words more clearly, click Setting There is a gear icon in the song play window and select Quality (Resolution).

Karaoke hat on the computer youtube 7

In the dialog box Quality , you choose the resolution of 720 HD, 1080 HD to get the best picture quality. Conversely, if the network connection is not stable, you should adjust this index to a lower level, in addition, you should choose and Download Youtube videos to sing better to avoid jerk lag.

Karaoke hat on computer with youtube 8
Recently, the instructions are some notes to help you create a professional Karaoke theater at home. Hopefully, after consulting and following the instructions, you will be able to sing Karaoke on your computer conveniently, anytime you want.


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