How to speed up DCOM file downloads when the packet is out of high speed traffic

Surely you use Dcom will feel very uncomfortable when registering the monthly package traffic, but for every high-speed traffic, downloading files or watching a certain program is sometimes impossible. The solution for this case is Advanced SystemCare Pro

It can be said to increase the speed of downloading files when all of the high-speed traffic is an issue that many Dcom users are interested in. And want to improve speed, not everyone knows how to do, how to effectively.

This article will guide you how to increase the download speed when the file flow rate runs out, as well as increase the download speed in Dcom 3G.

Step 1:

Boot up and install

If not, download Advanced SystemCare PRO to install

Step 2:

The interface of the software after installation

Tang toc because the file dcom 3g

Select the acceleration mode for the Internet, you click Internet Boost

file to file for 3G 3G file

Later Scan Let the software accelerate the internet speed, wait for the software to scan

give hair loss for 3g dcom when the hair is always fast

Wait for the completion of the scan process only 1-3 minutes you have the internet for Dcom 3G with very good speed already

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