How to speed up the Internet with Auslogics BoostSpeed, Auslogics Internet Optimizer

Slow internet speed, causing you to browse the web, go to facebook, watch videos feel “inhibited”. So is there a way to speed up the Internet? A solution for you is to use Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​software to speed up the Internet, help you browse the web more smoothly.

The current. The internet is indispensable for users all over the world. Having internet means you can access the website to get the latest news and learn thousands of useful things. However, many times your internet connection is slow, you Check internet speed I have a problem. The problem now is how you have to speed up your internet connection.
To increase the speed of Internet access, you can do many ways, increase the speed of Internet on your computer or use software supporting one of which is Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​or Auslogics Internet Optimizer. This utility allows you to maximize the Internet connection speed on your computer by automatically optimizing the settings and options available in Windows, Web browsers. For those who use DCOM 3G network for their computer, but when running out of high speed capacity, you can also see the instructions. speed up DCOM 3G when high speed capacity is running out that we have guided before.

Speed ​​up the Internet with Auslogics BoostSpeed

Step 1: To determine the effectiveness of the software, you must determine the current Internet connection speed by accessing .

After access to the service SpeedTest, click Begin Test

Internet Explorer State Auslogics Internet Optimizer

The service will automatically check the data transmission speed starting from the current location (where your computer is located) to the server location in the country.

When the test is completed, information about Internet connection speed (the speed of downloading and uploading a file) will be displayed in detail.

Auslogics Internet Optimizer

But for the best results, instead of checking with a domestic server you should check on a server located abroad (preferably in the United States). Click New Server To test

Internet funeral

On the map, move the current location to the Americas region, select the United States and choose a server located at any location (the server is the white spots that appear on the screen)

tang to the internet

The service will automatically check the Internet connection speed and give the result of download / upload speed

It is advisable to keep these results in mind to compare them with subsequent tests.

Attention: During Internet speed testing, you should not download data or use software that has an Internet connection, as that may affect test results. It is best to use Firefox or IE to check the SpeedTest service.

Step 2: Download and install Auslogics Internet Optimizer software, after the installation is complete, open the program

* Download the latest version of the software: Download Auslogics BoostSpeed

Step 3: In Auslogics Internet Optimizer provides 2 modes to optimize Internet speed:

Auto Optimization : Automatic optimization mode
Manual Optimization: Optimal mode manually (this is the mode for those who are familiar with the Internet).

Ideally, you should choose the mode Auto Optimization. In this mode there are 3 main options for you

– Fast: Connection speed > 1Mbps
Average: Average connection speed1>
Slow: Low binding speed (this mode is usually for Dial-up connection).

After selecting the corresponding connection mode ->Analyze to start analyzing the Internet connection

Step 4: During the analysis process, Auslogics Internet Optimizer will automatically find out the settings available on Windows and make the most accurate changes.

Step 5: When the analysis is finished, the utility will automatically list the changes in settings on both Windows and Web browsers on the computer.

Click Optimize to agree to these changes.

The utility will automatically save the above changes

Step 6: Click Reboot Now to restart the computer

After the computer has restarted, you access the service again, perform the same network connection test as above to check the current Internet connection of Windows.

Attention: Choose the correct server selected above the most accurate comparison result and should use IE or Firefox to check.


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