How to speed up the internet with cFosSpeed ​​surfing the web to reduce lag when gaming

How to speed up the internet with cFosSpeed ​​surfing the web to reduce lag when gaming

Speeding up the internet with cFosSpeed, speeding up the Internet connection on the computer, helping you surf the web, listen to music online smoothly, without experiencing the case of being stopped, just like playing a game and encountering ping High will be very jerky lag, delay playing time … please refer to the implementation below of to know how to increase network speed with cFosSpeed ​​software.

Referring to software increase internet speed, we cannot help but mention cFosSpeed, one of the effective support tools for music listeners, surf the web, play games today.

Speed ​​up the internet with cFosSpeed, surf the web fast, reduce ping, recoil lag when playing games

cFosSpeed ​​is equipped with Traffic Shaping technology that allows you to control traffic, reduce storage, and prioritize network speed for custom tasks and programs. Very suitable for gamers who play games to reduce ping, and if you are a gamer do not forget to use GameBooster Optimize the gaming speed offline.

Speed ​​up the internet with cFosSpeed

Step 1: Download software cFosSpeed and install. The software supports Vietnamese so it is best if you just switch to Vietnamese for ease of use.

Toc internet fun with cfossped

Step 2: Agree to the terms and press next until the program is finished running.

internet connection by cfossped

Step 3: Click on the icon cFosSpeed at the bar taskbar Depending choose >Installed Put.

internet connection by cfossped

Step 4: At the item client protocol, you choose FTP Command and push it to the highest level.

Tang toc by internet by cfossped

Step 5: At the item server protocol, you choose FTP Command and also pushed to the highest level.

The result is a cfossped version

Step 6: This section is optional and depending on your needs, you can edit or delete the programs on your computer. Also if not in the list possible More programs and priority options.

Funeral Internet bang cfosspeed

Step 7: Click the icon again cFosSpeed at the bar taskbarOptimize Bandwidth >Monitoring ping and>Turn on Bandwidth Optimization.

Funeral Internet bang cfosspeed

Step 8: In addition, the program also supports transmitting wifi (applies to laptops), You can go to the section Wi-Fi Access Point on create wifi.

Tang toc brought by cfossped

So has instructed you to finish how to increase your network connection with cFosSpeed, remember to always prioritize what you think is most needed to use cFosSpeed ​​most effectively. Also readers should refer to more ways speed up computer To get the best experience, please.
Increase internet connection with cFosSpeed ​​completely reliable, simple operation but also very complete features not inferior Auslogic Internet Optimizer or speed up the Internet with Cell Boost that has introduced to you.


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