How to speed up Windows 7 network

How to speed up Windows 7 network

Many people complain why my Windows 7 network speed is so slow. Actually it is because Windows has slowed down your network speed. Just use the following way to speed up Windows 7 network, you will completely solve this problem.

Microsoft installs a 20% reduction in Windows 7 network speed for users. This causes some older computers to access the Internet rather slowly, even using leading browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome. Even the slow network speed of Windows 7 can affect work, play games, watch movies, videos on computers. So users need to free up Windows, speed up Windows 7 network Follow the detailed instructions below.

How to speed up Windows 7 network:

Step 1: On the Windows 7 interface, click Windows key > type run in the search box. Then choose to open the dialog box Run.

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Step 2: Enter gpedit.msc to enter Run. Then press Enter or OK, got it to open the Local Group Policy Editor window.

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Step 3: Next you click Computer Configuration>choose Administrative Templates> Network> QOS Packet Scheduler. At the right interface, double click you Limit Reservable Bandwidth.

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Step 4: Dialog box Limit Reservable Bandwidth appear. You need to select the tick Enabled.

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Step 5: Now at the section Opitions will appear Bandwidth limit (%). Friend delete 20% and enter 0% come in. Then you press Apply> OK to save the operation speed up Windows 7 network.

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And Restart Leave the computer immediately.

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After the computer restarts, you will see that the network speed is significantly changed. To see the most, try the download speed before and after speeding up your Windows 7 network. with TAIMIENPHI.VN.
If this manual method is not enough to speed up the Windows 7 network, use software. Just use the leading Internet acceleration software, you will significantly increase the speed of the Windows 7 network, try to download the Internet acceleration software immediately to install on your computer. Good luck!.


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