How to split the chat window in Skype 2019

Skype split view is a convenient update feature that allows Skype users to open multiple separate chat windows for each person, so that you can easily observe and not overlook content. when talking to many people at the same time.

In 2019, Microsoft has continuously added and updated new convenient features for Skype chat software. Featured in it is Split view , allowing users to open multiple windows, easily to simultaneously monitor multiple conversations at the same time.

How to split Skype chat screen 2019

In this article, Taimienphi will introduce more about this mode and instructions for operation split the Skype chat window Quick and detailed.

How to split the Skype chat window

The split-screen view of the chat window has been updated for Skype 8 onwards. To use this feature, you should install the latest Skype on your device via the link shared below:

– Download the Skype software here: Download Skype

Note: View mode split the Skype chat window is not currently integrated with the mobile device or browser version;

First, open Skype software on your computer and perform the following steps:

Step 1: At the main working screen, enter the menu More there is a 3-dot picture at the top left corner of the screen;

how to chat in skype 2019 2

Step 2: Select Enable split view in the menu that has just been dropped;

how to chat in skype 2019 3

Step 3: Skype software interface is narrowed. You double click on the contact in the friends list to open the chat window;

how to chat in skype 2019 4
With 3 simple steps to turn on the mode that Taimienphi has instructed, you have easily turned on and used Split view on Skype. Now the friends list will be placed in a separate window, each conversation will also be placed in a separate window. Thanks split the Skype chat window , you can drag and drop chat dialogs and place them in the most visible and convenient location! Also, if typing Vietnamese in Skype has problems, please refer to how to fix the error type Vietnamese in Skype here.


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