How to stop saving Sent emails in Outlook 2016

How to stop saving Sent emails in Outlook 2016

When using Outlook 2016, you can stop saving sent emails in Outlook 2016 easily and effectively according to the instructions below of And if you want to save the message, you enable the option type.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the oldest desktop email client applications on the market. Over the years, this email client has been developed in terms of both features and user interface. Want to use Outlook, users need to register Outlook to use, how to register Outlook is very simple through a few steps.

The Outlook 2016 user interface is different than the user interface Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007. And because the user interface changes, the options and settings are also moved and sorted into different locations.

Instructions How to stop saving sent email in Outlook 2016

If your computer does not have Outlook 2016 installed, you can download the application and install it here: Download Outlook 2016

Follow the steps below to stop saving sent emails in Outlook 2016

First open Outlook and access File =>Options. A window will display Outlook Options, here you select the tab Mail. This tab contains a long list of settings you can change.

Scroll down to find the named setting Save messages.

How to save email messages in Outlook 2016

There are 3 options to control the saving of emails and messages on Outlook. The first option has a name Automatically save items that have not been sent after this many minutes. This option is for emails that are not sent or that take a long time to send. In both cases, you should save these messages automatically. Alternatively, you can change the time delay to send a message or email on Outlook before saving that message.

The second option is called Save forwarded messages. You can uncheck this option and cancel saving emails and forwarded mail. A copy of the original email or email remains in the inbox. If in the process of forwarding mail and email you save the message as a sent message, it means that you have saved the message twice. The only reason to save a forwarding message is so you can find and use it in some cases.

The third option is Save copies of messages in the Sent Items folder. Uncheck this option to stop saving sent emails in Outlook 2016. This will not affect forwarded messages.

Save email address in Outlook 2016

On older versions of Outlook, there was an option to allow users to select a message or email whether or not they saved the sent email. However, this new option is a bit inconvenient, and to access and use this option, you will have to perform a few more operations. This new option will stop saving emails and sent messages in Outlook.

If you want to save an email, you have to enable this option. The biggest drawback is that you must save all your mail, emails, even those that are not valid. At the very least, the only way you can do is to stop saving forwarded messages.

Using Outlook, you should back up Outlook data to your computer to store emails with important content to prevent messages from being mistakenly deleted, the way to backup Outlook data is a simple method that is brought simply peace of mind for users.
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