How to stream MineCraft game on Facebook

How to stream MineCraft game on Facebook

If you are a gamer prefer Minecraft game. You can stream Minecraft games on Facebook so your friends can see you play Minecraft, as well as the live video that is shared on Facebook communities helps you reach a lot of viewers. This article will help you live stream Minecraft on Facebook through OBS (Open Broadcast Software).

Open Broadcast Software is software that supports screen recording, webcam and live streaming similar to XSPlit. The advantage of OBS is that it supports many Windows, MAC OS, Linux platforms, the interface is easy to use, lightweight and completely free. You can easily live stream Facebook without any difficulties with OBS, no matter what game you are playing, this article, will guide how to stream Minecraft games to Facebook


Step 1: Launch OBS main interface. Right-click a space in the cell Sources.

Step 2: Card Add (Add to be displayed) Hover on the Add button and select Game Capture.

Step 3: On the dialog box Creat / Select Source you choose New Creat And name the new source and press OK, got it

Step 4: After creating the new card, you will see the window Properties of the source you just created. At option Mode Selection Capture specific window The tool will filter out which windows are currently enabled on your computer

Step 5: Continue at option window Window’s selection [javaw.exe]: MineCraft 1.11.2 to get the window of live stream game MineCraft then click OK, got it

Step 6: After completing the setting of MineCraft live streaming option on OBS, at the main interface of the tool you will see the screen of MineCraft game. However, it is possible that the screen will shrink in a not enough size, so you will need to use the mouse to drag the screen to fill the screen.

Step 7: Selection Settings to conduct the process of live streaming game MineCraft to Facebook.

Step 8: Temporarily leave the Settings OBS window there already, press CREATE LIVE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK below to start live on facebook.

Step 9: After that, a small Facebook notification panel will appear. You can optionally play videos to friends, to groups, or a page you are managing, … After making your choices click Next

Step 10: In the event that there is no notification panel, check the icon in the address bar of the browser because the message may be blocked. Click the icon in the right corner of the browser bar to select Always allow popup editing at the same time Click on the link in that notice and Completed.

Step 11: In this step, you need to enter the live video content (like status), live video title, tags and you will be given 2 addresses: Server URL and Lock the stream show you the link from OBS to your Facebook to stream MineCraft to Facebook. Please copy the entire address in the Lock stream box.

Step 12: Don’t turn off that Facebook window but go back to OBS, switch to the card Stream, item Services switch to Facebook and paste the entire content you just copied in the stream lock tag into the box Stream key. Then press OK, got it

Step 13: Return to the main screen of OBS, click Start Streaming.

Step 14: Open the Live Broadcast window on Facebook, wait a moment you will see the game content MineCraft is streamed directly to Facebook but at this time, only the preview is available. Click Live streaming to stream MineCraft to Facebook publicly so everyone can follow your live video.

Step 15: You will see on your Facebook live video stream, people can comment, express feelings with your live video.

So has taught you a complete way to play live video on Facebook with the game MineCraft, if you want to stream mobile games you can use BlueStacks to stream mobile games to Facebook Please.
Good luck !


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