How to stream videos online on Kuaishou

How to stream videos online on Kuaishou

Today, Taimienphi will show you how to stream Kuaishou online video, this is an application that can broadcast live on computers or phones while playing games, livestream talking to others … and some Other interesting features. Please follow the instructions below.

As you know, Kuaishou is a social networking application like Facebook, Instagram … it allows users to broadcast directly on the application with just a few simple steps.

Kuaishou – Livestream application on social networks

– Link to download the PC version: Kuaishou

How to stream videos online on Kuaishou

First of all, you need to make sure you have a Kuaishou account and it’s linked to your phone number. More importantly, you must have the Kuaishou app on your computer or phone.

Step 1: You proceed to login Kuaishou account as usual

how to play online videos on kuaishou 2

Or you can open the quick scan method by code QR-Code. Click on the bottom right corner of the app, and open a quick scan on the phone to log in to the client

how to play online videos on kuaishou 3

Step 2: After successfully logging in to your account, you can directly click on the main interface of the application, select the method you want to stream Livestream. Currently there are 3 live broadcast modes such as game broadcast, live broadcast on mobile games and online shows.

how to develop online videos on kuaishou 4

Step 3: Here, Taimienphi chooses the form of Livestream, broadcasting live programs such as talking, chatting on computers via Kuaishou application.

how to play online videos on kuaishou 5

Here you can set high resolution and more broadcast modes, after selecting the broadcast mode the system will read the camera you are using, so do not disconnect the camera. In addition, Kuaishou also supports expressive features and high quality images so that you can face viewers in the best possible state.

And this is a live broadcast mode, using the screen to play mobile games

how to play online videos on kuaishou 6

Game live broadcast mode of Kuaishou application

how to play online videos on kuaishou 7


– If the video is stuck during streaming, you should temporarily stop streaming and reset the video related settings or lower the resolution.

– If you have trouble during the live broadcast, you can also click the Settings button on the main screen of the application to go to help, watch the video with specific instructions posted by the publisher in the item.
Hopefully, with a few steps above, you can use Kuaishou to stream videos, social networking applications with a large number of participants today. If you do not have an account, you can see the instructions How to create a Kuaishou account by Taimienphi. Good luck.


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