How to switch Winrar interface to classic defaults

How to switch Winrar interface to classic defaults

If you like nostalgia and want to change the WinRAR interface to the classic default, this is not a bad choice, right? For those who love simple as well as classic style, want to return to the old WinRAR with the old interface, it is easy to turn the new version of WinRAR back into the old default version quite easily.

Winrar is the software known for its ability to compress and decompression, which is considered as the leading current, and is currently used by many users. Due to the large number of users, this application is constantly improving, changing the Winrar interface, adding quite a few new modern themes. However, there are a number of users who still love the old interface of this software, and the company has responded to the user’s wishes to support the work. Switch Winrar interface to classic default The steps are quite simple.

Bringing Winrar back to the classic default interface

Instructions to switch Winrar interface to classic defaults

If you have not installed Winrar, you can download it Winrar Latest version here to use.

To return to the classic Winrar interface of the old version, do the following:

Step 1: Download the classic interface set of Winrar Follow the link here: Download Winrar Classic Theme

Downloaded, you will see the downloaded file is in .zip format. You perform the normal decompression and there will be 2 files in .rar format in it:

– File WinRAR_Classic_24x24.theme.rar
– File WinRAR_Classic_48x36.theme.rar

how to transfer winrar windows to windows 2

Step 2: These two files have two standard icon sizes, respectively, 24×24 and the current default of 48×36.

To install the interface, double-click on a file to perform the interface installation -> there will be a message asking if you want to install this interface -> Click Yes to agree.

how to transfer winrar windows to windows 3

The successful installation interface will display a notice like the image below -> Click OK, got it to complete.

how to transfer winrar windows to windows 4

The picture above is you install 24×24 size interface. With the other file is 48×36 interface will have larger classic icon sizes -> You also perform the same installation as above.

Step 3: At this step, you open the software Winrar up -> select Option -> Select Display -> then select the classic interface just installed.

how to transfer winrar windows to windows 5

And the result is Winrar is back to the old look (the picture below is with icon 24×24).

how to transfer winrar windows to windows 7

To return to the default view you are using -> repeat the operation in the section Option as above -> and then select Default interface -> The software will return to the default interface currently used.

In addition to you Switch Winrar interface to classic default As above, you can also change the interface in Winrar with other interfaces quite easily. There are hundreds of themes, even more for you to choose to use. The interface you want to change could be cute, cute interface … great, isn’t it.
If you are still concerned about software copyright, choosing free compression and decompression software will be the best solution for you. Use win-zip available on Windows or 7 zip – this is considered an application with powerful compression and decompression, and especially completely free, please install 7 zip to use and test your offline!


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