How to take screenshots laptop Lenovo Win 8.1, 10, 7

How to take screenshots laptop Lenovo Win 8.1, 10, 7

Taking a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop is quite simple and you can completely follow the instructions in this article of to get the most satisfactory photos. In addition, if your Lenovo Laptop uses one of the different versions of Windows, the screenshots of Windows 7,8.1 or Windows 10 also have different features, so you need to pay attention to this when taking screenshots.

Taking a screenshot is an action you want to record on your computer, and there are also many software to help you do this such as Bandicam or Camtasia Studio and many more. If Bandicam supports screen capture along with professional video game recording, Camtasia Studio supports unique video editing.

Lenovo laptop is a computer line of Chinese electronics company and is currently quite a lot of users interested by the high configuration but quite affordable price. Among many simple tips that can be performed on Lenovo laptops, the following content, would like to introduce you how to take screenshots of Lenovo laptop in the simplest ways.

Take a screenshot of Lenovo laptop screen

In this article, will introduce to you two basic ways to capture Lenovo laptop screens. Two ways include using or not using the software.

* Software-free capture – Shoot with keyboard shortcuts

The key combination you need to note is:

Windows + PrtSc : After pressing this key combination, the system will automatically capture the entire scene of the screen.

Take a picture of Lenovo laptop screen

– Alt + PrtSc: Allows taking pictures of a certain interface.

After pressing these shortcut keys, you access the following link: C: Users Taimienphi Pictures Screenshots to be able to retrieve images after the screenshot has been saved here. (Where Taimienphi is the name of the computer you are using.)

how to take a picture of lenovo laptop

* Combine Print Screen and Paint on desktop or laptop computer

Step 1: This button can appear in many different names such as Prt Sc / Sys Rq or PrtSc

guide to take pictures of lenovo laptop

Note on some laptops, you will need to press the key combination Fn + Prt Sc to achieve the same effect.

Step 2: Open the Paint tool and paste the image. To find this tool, press Windows key + Q or

Take a picture on lenovo laptop

Step 3: Press the key combination Crtl + V to paste the captured image.

how to take a picture on lenovo laptop

Click File -> Save or Save As to save the screenshot to your computer. Or you can also press Ctrl + S to save the image.

take a picture of lenovo laptop

* Capture using software

– Using the Snipping Tools

If you don’t know, Snpping Tools is a built-in tool in Windows. Snipping Tools allows users to capture full screen, capture a browser window, or crop the frame to their liking.

Step 1: You can use the key combination Windows + Q or Windows + S to quickly open the search bar. Then you enter the keyword Snipping Tool to find and open the application.

Alternatively, you can also use the command with the key combination Windows + R, enter the name of the tool to quickly open Snipping Tools.

guide to take pictures of lenovo laptop

Step 2: Press the button new. You need to click the inverted triangle icon next to the New button to open screen capture options, including: Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Door-snap Frame window (Windows Snip) and capture the whole screen (Full-screen Snip)

how to take a picture on lenovo laptop

Step 3: Take a screenshot of your computer as you like.

laptop for lenovo laptop screen

(first) Customize crayons to draw more on photos

(2) Save images in many different formats like PNG, JPG or GIF.

(3) Perform create new screenshot

Step 4: After creating your photos, you are free to customize, crop, black out, delete and save images in many other image formats.

Capture screen on lenovo laptop

– Use the FastStone Capture tool

First of all you need to download FastStone Capture tool on the computer

Download FastStone Capture. Download FastStone Capture – Take screenshots of the screen

Way FastStone Capture screenshot as well as video recording of computer screens, laptops help you get very high image and video quality, low-capacity video helps you upload to social networks like Facebook, Youtube easily.

Step 1: First of all, you need to open FastStone software on the computer.

Guide to screen capture on lenovo laptop

Step 2: You can capture full screen, part, desired size, or desired shape as shown in the shortcut box of FastStone Capture.

how to take a picture of a lenovo laptop

(1) Capture Active Window (Alt + PrtSc): Capture active window.

(2) Capture Window / Object (Shift + PrtSc): Capture part of the open window.

(3) Capture Rectangular Region (Ctrl + PrtSc): Capture option by dragging the area you want to capture.

(4) Capture Freehand Region (Ctrl + Shift + PrtSc): Shoot with your choice but you can draw a custom area frame with the mouse.

(5) Capture Full Screen (PrtSc): Capture the entire screen.

(6) Capture Scrolling Window (Ctrl + Alt + PrtSc): Shoot with the scroll function when the image is too long.

(7) Capture Fixed Region (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + PrtSc): Shooting with pre-resolution frames (resizable)

(8) Screen Recorder: Filming the screen.

(9) Output => to Editor: The snapshot is automatically transferred to the image editing toolkit.

(10): Settings: Installation of the software

Step 3: Edit and save photos in the menu above FastStone Editor.

Take a picture of your laptop

– You can draw more, stamp frames, insert text on photos at the window FastStone Draw.

how to screen laptop lenovo don time

– Want to save the image you choose Save As => Select the file, format the image you want to save and press Save.

Capture screen on lenovo laptop

With just a few simple steps, you can take screenshots of Lenovo Laptop desktop without using any software. Hopefully with this computer screen capture will help you.

If using Badicam, please refer to how screenshot with Bandicam to know the techniques of photography as well as image editing from this software

If you want to record video with many editing and converting features to video, then Camtasia Studio will be a good choice for you. Take screenshots with Camtasia Studio as well as video recording to help you get high quality and funny photos and videos

If using a laptop thennovo thinhpad, you refer to how screenshot of a ThinkPad laptop To record the activities and data that occur on your laptop, ThinkPad is a high-configuration laptop from Lenovo and is loved and used by many young people.

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