How to take screenshots of a computer or laptop without software and with software

How to take screenshots of a computer or laptop without software and with software

Taking a screenshot of your computer is one of the fastest ways for you to save interesting moments in the game, your computer’s error messages or beautiful pictures on websites that you cannot download to your computer. There are many ways to capture computer screens, you can use software that supports computer screenshots or use keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots of your computer.

>> How to take a screenshot of your phone

Screen capture helps you quickly save interesting moments and content during computer use, play games, surf the Internet and can save or share it to your relatives and friends to enjoy. awake. There are a lot of software available to help you take screenshots, but not all are good and suitable for you.

Taking screenshots of computers and laptops without software and with software

Many people often choose to install software to take screenshots with editing and sharing features on social networks such as Facebook, Zalo, that is the case if you have a lot of time, need to install photography software. Screen is able to use this feature. So is there a way to capture a computer screen without using software and we still take screenshots of the computer?

Table of Contents:
first. Capture computer screens without software.
1.1. Basic computer screen capture.
1.2. Screen capture self-save.
2. Capture your computer screen with software.
2.1. Use the Snipping Tool.
2.2. Use FastStone Capture.
3. Take a screenshot of your Android phone.
4. Take a screenshot of your iPhone.

Follow the content below of Tamienphi to know how to take a screenshot without using the software. In case you want to take screenshots using software, refer to the article screen capture software The best and the best video that has introduced to you.

1. Capture computer screens without software

Take a screenshot of your computer screen by region (Newly updated)
With a computer screen capture by region allows you to select the area with the full size to your liking. This is a way of taking a screenshot of a computer similar to the Macbook, although it still has the weakness of only saving in temporary memory, not saving it as a complete file.
Step 1: To be able to take a screenshot of the computer according to a range of choices we just need press Windows key + Shift + S and will appear an overlay like the image below.

how to take computer screen win 10
Step 2: Here you can see where we delineate the area so the dimly lit area disappears there and that’s the area where the screenshot was taken and it’s cached.
screen capture computer screen
Step 3: Because it’s a good memory to cache Open Paint to paste It enters before performing other operations to the memory.
how to backup dell computer screen
Step 4: And in Paint, just paste and then save as a normal image is done.
How to take a computer screen

1.1. Basic computer screen capture

Step 1: Open the computer screen, image, or software interface you want to take a picture of.

– Press Print Screen (abbreviated as PrtSC or Prt SC) on the keyboard to take a full screen image

– Press the key combination Alt + Print Screen if you just want to take a photo or some utility interface. (The interface window is at the top compared to the desktop interface)

Photo Demo screen capture function on the desktop computer keyboard

how to take a picture of asus computer screen

Capture computer screens, take photos of computer desktop

Demo photo screen capture function on Laptop keyboard

how to take a picture of lenovo laptop

Step 2: Open the utility Paint Built-in system up. (If not, enter the word Paint into the box Search programs and files to search on your computer and open or use hotkeys (Windows + R) -> type the word mspaint -> type Enter

For different operating systems, to open the Paint tool, see the tutorial article Open Paint hey

How to take screenshots of Windows 7

Instructions to capture desktop windows 7

Step 3: Press the key combination Ctrl + V to paste the captured image into Paint.

– Photos taken using the key Print Screen

how to take screen saver computer win 8

– Photo taken using key combination Alt + Print Screen (Will only capture Unikey interface without taking the whole screen)

how to take a picture of a laptop computer desktop

Finally, you only need to save the image you have just taken.

how to take a picture of laptop, computer, iphone 6, ip5s, ip5, ip4

How to capture desktop Windows 7, Win 10

In addition, you can use the editing features: Insert text, reduce the size, rotate photos, fill colors, … built in Paint to edit your photos.

1.2. Self-save screenshots (Applicable with Win 8.1 and Win 10)

– You can proceed to capture the entire screen and the image will be saved in the folder Pictures> Screenshots with the key combination Windows + PrtSc (Print Screen)

how to take a picture of a pc laptop computer

– Access to the directory Pictures> Screenshots

guide to computer screen saver laptop

– Your screenshot

how to take a picture of a laptop computer

2. Capture your computer screen with software

2.1. Take screenshot with Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is not software that you have to install, it is a utility available on windows versions. To use Snipping Tool you do the following:

Step 1: Open the Start Menu and then type Snipping and click on the results found

software version help you computer screen win 10

Step 2: At Snipping Tool interface there are 4 basic shooting functions you can capture.

Phan mem lets you see the computer screen

Free-form Snip: Cut any area you localize (note this method is very bad, if you are not skillful should not use)
Rectangular Snip: Cut to the zoned box.
Window Snip: Cut images into software, separate cells.
Full-screen Snip: Capture the entire screen

how to take a phone screen saver

Image taken by Rectangular Snip.

Step 3: Next, you can edit the cropped image if you want, otherwise save the file.

how to take a computer screen

2.2. Take screenshots with FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture is the most powerful screen capture software for you, this extremely compact software possesses many features, enough to satisfy even the most difficult person. To download FastStone Capture software, click here: Download FastStone Capture.

Step 1: After the download is complete, install the software as usual and then open it will see on the screen with a tool tray pop up, you can click the icons at the top to take a screenshot.

Capture computer screen

Step 2: Then edit with a variety of custom sizes, add photos, images, numbers or logos as you like.

Capture phone screen without software

Step 3: After satisfied, please save the image in JPG format.

Capture the fastest computer screen

Step 4: Or you can customize other utilities in Settings.

Help guide you to your phone screen

How to capture laptop screen for clear images

Step 5: Adjust Hotkey to optimize taking snapshots.

Capture computer screen

Active Windows: Capture the software window in use
Windows / Object: Capture the active window pane (optional)
Rectangular Region: Shoot again by zoning.
Freehand Region: Zoning anywhere will turn into a photo.
Full Screen: Capture full screen.
Scrolling Windows: Apply primarily to entire web pages, capturing entire web pages, including parts that are not displayed
Fixed Region: Shoot again according to the given image size.

3. Take a screenshot of your Android phone

3. 1. For phones with a Home button as a button

– You make screenshots by holding down the Home and Power keys (Power), after a few seconds you will see the screen flashing is done successfully

how to take a picture of your phone

3.2. For phones without a Home button or a touch Home button

– For this phone, you make hold of the Power (Power) key and the volume down button, after a few seconds you will successfully perform screenshots

how to take a phone screen saver

4. Take a screenshot of your iPhone

4.1. Use hard keys on phone

– To take a screenshot, hold down the Power button and the Home key at the same time for about 1-2 seconds, the screen will blink and sound is successful.

Help guide the phone screen saver

4.2. Take screenshots of your iPhone without using a hardware key

You need to turn on the virtual Home button and use it to take screenshots

Step 1: In the Settings you go to General => Accessibility

how to take a phone screen saver

Step 2: You continue to enter AssistiveTouch Then turn on the feature AsistiveTouch up

how to take a phone screen saver

Step 3: Set the default virtual Home key as the screenshot key by going to Single-Tap and choose Screenshot

how to take a picture of your mobile phone

Hopefully with these screenshots this computer will help you. If you want to capture each position of the screen, you can also use other software such as Bandicam or Camtasia Studio. Especially, Bandicam It also helps you to record videos of games when you play on the computer. If using Badicam, you should refer to how to capture computer screens with Bandicam to understand the techniques of photography as well as image editing from this software.

Screen resolution is also one of the factors that make your photos better so please change screen resolution The first reason is to fit the computer and the beautiful photos.
There are many ways users can take screenshots, including using or without software, and thanks to the built-in features of that operating system. So according to you we should take screenshots using computer software or not please comment your comments under this article of to us better understand offline.


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