How to take screenshots on Chromebooks partially

Taking a screenshot on a computer is nothing new, but with special laptops like Chromebooks there are a lot of interesting things to do. For those of you who are new to Chromebooks, it can be a little difficult, and in this article, I will teach them how to take screenshots on Chromebooks.

ChromeBook is a special laptop when not using Windows, but instead is the newly developed Chrome OS in recent places. It can be said that ChromeBook is more like Android than a pure operating system like Windows 10 or Mac OS.

On ChromeBooks that support screen capture hotkeys as well as other common laptops, the way to take screenshots on ChromeBook is slightly different, even on the keyboard design.

How to take screenshots on Chromebooks partially.

Unlike on Windows when you have to use PrintScreen to take a full screen, then go to Paint to edit the image as desired. Or like Mac OS, you can take photos with lots of bad shortcuts. On ChromeBook, there are two main shooting functions: full screen capture and selective zone capture. With a dedicated camera key that asks permission to be called Screen as shown below.

Take a picture on the chromebook

To take a screenshot, press the key combination Ctrl + Screen, immediately the image will be saved immediately.

If you want to take screenshots on ChromeBook in parts, press the keystrokes Ctrl + Shift + Screen, there will be a pointer icon “+”So that you are zoned to capture.

Take a picture on the chromebook

After taking the screenshot on ChromeBook, the image files will be automatically saved in the item Download, you can navigate to the Download folder and view photos and edit if you want.
Currently, ChromeBook also does not support much about software and screen capture software, so this is a temporary way you can use to take a screenshot of your computer. Unlike Windows, there is a lot of software like Snagit or FastStone Capture. Hopefully useful software from Snagit or FastStone will be available on this operating system soon.


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