How to tattoo with InkHunter on the phone, “tattoo 4.0”

How to tattoo with INKHUNTER is being applied by a lot of people, to keep up with trends of fake tattoos 4.0. With the INKHUNTER tattoo tutorial, you can make tattoos anywhere on the body such as hands and feet, especially creating natural, lifelike tattoos.

In the past, the fake tattoo movement (tattoo) was booming, but the apps back then weren’t very feature-rich, but now, you can use InkHunter to create beautiful fake tattoos. Based on Arabic technology, this application makes the tattoo you create look more natural, much more eye-catching, let’s try to follow the instructions Tattoo with InkHunter to catch trends.

Tattoo online with InkHunter

InkHunter tattoo tutorial

Step 1: Download and install the InkHunter application on your phone:
– For Android devices: InkHunter for Android
– For iOS devices: InkHunter for iPhone

Step 2: Open InkHunter, friend slide the screen to the left (Figure 1) until image 2 appears, then click “Start“.


Step 3: You choose fake tattoo suitable (Figure 3). Next, you click “Try” (Figure 4).

Note: If the tattoo has the word “unlock“but not words”Try” then you cannot use that image. You return to choose another image instead.

how to use inkhunter

Step 4: At this point, inkHunter will display “Allow INKHUNTER to take photos and videos“, you click”Allow“(Figure 5), then you click “I did” (Figure 6). You smiley face drawing like your phone show. Next, you take your phone and Straighten the smiley face on your phone to where you drew on the body part, you will see the tattoo appear (Figure 6).

install inkhunter

Step 5: At this point, you click camera icon to capture. (Figure 8). If you want to change tattoo then you click edit icon (Figure 9).

Note: Otherwise, click “Save” in the upper right corner.

How to use inkhunter

Step 6: You click on the appropriate tattoo and then click “Save” in the upper right corner to save it (Figure 10). If you want to share a tattoo, you can choose the icon Facebook, Instagram … (Figure 11) to share.

inkhunter state image

In addition to catching trends, you follow the tattoo instructions with InkHunter also help you know which model is right for you as well as know where to tattoo. If you love tattoos, don’t skip this tutorial.
You can also tattoo on people thanks to Photoshop. Not only helps you get beautiful tattoos, like the stars, but this tattoo helps you choose the most suitable one for you.

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