How to Test Keyboard computer keyboard

There are many ways we can test the Keyboard of a computer keyboard to check whether the keyboard is paralyzed, damaged or any combination of keys is not working properly. In this article, will bring you 2 ways to test Keyboard computer keyboard extremely simple and effective.

Have you ever considered your keyboard, want to check your computer keyboard to see if it works properly or not. With how to test the computer keyboard keyboard The following will show you how to check the computer keyboard effectively and simply.

You will not take too much time, but you can still know how to test your computer keyboard and keyboard works all keys or not, any listed keys or any wrong keys that you do not notice. Stay tuned 2 ways to test the Keyboard of computer keyboard below.

Instructions to test the Keyboard of computer keyboard

1. Test Keyboard computer keyboard online.

With the Keyboard test method, users will not need to install any software, just open any browser and click the link. HERE.

Step 1: When the interface of the website appears, click Launch the Tester to conduct the test of your computer keyboard.

how to test keyboard computer screen 2

Step 2: A keyboard appears with all 108 keys present, here you just work Type the key to test the Keyboard computer keyboard, there will be a sign telling you which key has been typed successfully.

how to test keyboard computer screen 3

Step 3: With any character saved will type shown in blue below, when typing will be yellow.

how to test keyboard computer board 4

Step 4: The weakness of this computer keyboard keyboard test tool is that it does not accurately measure key combinations, so you still have to look at the screen to see if the results of the keystrokes you have typed are correct.

how to test keyboard computer screen 5

However, this online keyboard test will help you quickly determine if your keyboard is damaged.

2. Test Keyboard computer keyboard by software.

Using software to test the Keyboard of the computer keyboard will give you more accurate results and in addition it has more functions. Although it is old software, it is enough to test your computer’s keyboard.

– Before entering the test, download KeyboardTest here, download KeyboardTest.

Step 1: After downloading KeyboardTest to test the computer keyboard, click the software to install KeyboardTest, agree to the terms then next.

how to test keyboard computer board 6

Step 2: Here we choose the path containing the software in your computer, if not too important you can next This step is also okay.

how to test keyboard computer board 7

Step 3: Next we will press next until the word appears Install, click on it to install KeyboardTest on your computer.

how to test keyboard computer screen 8

Step 4: Wait for the installation of KeyboardTest finished, press finish to start running the software.

how to test keyboard computer screen 9

Step 5: Although the interface of the old KeyboardTest, the keyboard is also quite old, but you can use it to test all the function keys on the keyboard.

how to test keyboard computer board 10

Step 6: With each key press will be noted above and at the same time there will be blue covers up, the missing key will be red.

how to test keyboard computer board 11

Step 7: In addition, the KeyboardTest software also supports both test keys on laptop quite handy compared to the online computer keyboard testing tool.

how to test keyboard computer board 12

Above are 2 ways to help you test your computer keyboard, with both ways have advantages and disadvantages, so you should note both ways to be able to test your keyboard anytime, anywhere. Please.
During use, we will encounter many common keyboard errors, so what do you do if you encounter one of those keyboard errors? We don’t always have enough time to find out keyboard error, so please leave this job to, with any questions, please comment here or any article of The administrator will reply to you as quickly as possible.


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