How to test PING on a computer

How to test PING on a computer

If you want to test your computer connection or test the quality of your Internet connection, all you need to do is test Ping. In this article, will explain to you what Ping is, what is a Ping test and how to test ping specifically.

If you have recently performed an Internet speed test, you may have noticed that in addition to download and upload speeds, the connection’s Ping response time is also tested. Download and upload speeds seem easy to understand, but what exactly is Ping and what does it show us? How is the Ping test on the computer done?

Instructions to test the network by Ping

1. What is Ping?.
2. What is Test Ping?.
3. How to test Ping on the computer.

I. What is Ping?

Ping comes from a term used in sonar technology that emits pulses of sound and then listens for echoes back. In computer networking, Ping (short for Packet Internet Grouper) is a network utility, built into most operating systems, that helps test the connection between two devices by measuring the total time it takes for one device to connect. sent and received back a standard data packet from another device.

You issue a ping command with a specific URL or IP address, your computer sends data packets to devices on the network, and then waits for a response. When a response is received, the Ping results will tell you how long each data packet took to make the “round trip”.

how to test ping on pc

You can test Ping to see if your computer can connect to another device, such as a router on your local network or a device on the Internet. This can help you determine if the network problem is on the local network or somewhere further afield. The time it takes for data packets to return can help you determine if your connection is slow or you’re experiencing packet loss (Packet loss – occurs when one or more data packets traveling through a computer network fail to reach their destination) .

In the online gaming world, ping refers to the delay between a player’s computer and another client (peer) or game server. Many online games like Free Fire or PUBG Mobile display this parameter in the corner of the screen to let gamers know the latency of the current network.

What is the ideal Ping response time?
– Under 30ms: Excellent Ping, ideal for online gaming.
– 30 – 50ms: Average Ping, also ideal for online gaming.
– 50 – 100ms: A bit slow, not realizing the delay when browsing the web but affecting the game play.
– 100 – 500ms: Ping is slow, has a small effect on browsing, creates a certain lag when playing games.
– Above 500ms: Actions you take will be significantly delayed. High latency will affect the outcome of the game.

II. What is Test Ping?

In the context of computer networks, Ping refers to a method of transferring data between 2 computers or devices. So, the Ping test is used to record how long it takes for the data packets to reach the destination address and whether any data packets are lost in the process.

A ping test is not the same as a network speed test. Speed ​​test gives you the results of the line speed at the time you conduct the test. Meanwhile, Ping test (or Ping test) checks whether the connection between 2 devices in the network is made or not; ping does not determine the connection speed. Unlike Internet speed test results, you want your Ping results to be as low as possible.

III. How to test Ping on a computer?

1. Test Ping on Windows

To test Ping on Windows you do not need to install any 3rd party software, just use Command Prompt with the following steps:

Step 1: On Windows, you press the key combination Windows + CHEAP to open the dialog box Run. Then enter cmd and press Enter. Another way to open Command Prompt is to enter keywords cmd to enter Windows Search and choose Command Prompt from search results.

VNPT ping test

Step 2: Next, enter the command ping IP address or ping web URL. Article ping test of website with the command is ping Then press Enter.

Wi-Fi ping test

Step 3: Wait for the Ping test results.

2. Test Ping on macOS

You can test Network Ping on your Mac using the Network Utility application.

Step 1: Search Network Utility by entering network utility in the search box Spotlight.
Step 2:
In the window Network Utility, you click on the tab Ping.

How to ping with connection

Step 3: Enter the IP address or website URL in the field Enter the network that you want to ping and click the . button Ping.

How much is the ping ?

Step 4: Wait for the Ping test results.

3. How to Read Ping . Test Result

How to check ping on phone

Ping results will show you ping time in milliseconds (ms) and statistical information about sent, received and lost packets, including packet loss percentage as well as time analysis min, max and average Ping response time.

– If the result returns with low time (ms), it means your network is fast and vice versa.
– If the ping test fails, you’ll see an error warning similar to one of the following, instead of the ping test results shown as the screenshot above:
+ Request timed out
+ Destination host unreachable
+ Transmit failed, error code #

At this point, you may need to troubleshoot your Internet connection.
The ping test is used to measure latency, which tells you the stability of the connection between your computer and the host or other device on the network. Thus, the article has shared with you some information you need to know about Ping, as well as showing you how to test Ping on Windows and Mac.


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