How to transfer data between 2 computers

Currently the data transfer between 2 computers has become too familiar. However, many users have difficulty in this. If you are also one of them, or refer to the article on how to transfer data between our 2 computers below, surely this will not cause you to worry anymore.

To transfer data between 2 computers, usually we will use removable storage devices, typically USB. However, we still have many ways to do it. Here are some ways you can apply.

1. Use an external storage device

This is the way most users use it because of its simplicity and efficiency. Use a USB or external hard drive in case the data you need to move is large.

Especially if both computers have a USB 3.0 port, you should consider investing in a high-speed Flash drive because when you have a lot of data to move, the speed becomes very important. In addition, you can refer to some software to speed up data copying, such as TeraCopy. TeraCopy software helps speed up copying, copying data from a computer to a hard drive, memory card, USB … and vice versa. With great copy speed, you can easily copy large files such as installation files, image files, videos … fastest.

If you want to be faster, check that the computer you want to move data with has an eSATA port or a SATA slot. If yes, disconnect from the original computer and simply connect it to the new computer. Now on a new computer will appear a new drive, you just need to move data through this drive will be faster when using USB.

2. Transfer data between 2 computers via LAN or Wifi

In case 2 computers are nearby, there are 2 ways for you to share files and data. First, you will create a local area network (LAN) and then you have to find the drives of the computer connected to the newly created LAN network to move data. Details on how to share data files between computers on the LAN readers can refer to the article that Taimienphi has shared. The second way is that you can use the software to transfer data via Wifi.

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3. Share via Home Group

All operating systems have an option to set up a home network. This allows devices on the same router (connected via Ethernet or Wifi) to communicate with each other. When you need to transfer data between computers, you only need to connect to the HomeGroup network for the first time and can use it for later, because it is always enabled, as long as both of your computers are also in the state. Attention is turned on.

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4. Share by software

If both computers are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can use some data transfer software, such as Send Anywhere. Send Anywhere software makes connecting between computers easy for file transfer between computers, so all data such as photos, videos, music or text files can be moved back and forth between them. device.

5. Use a data transfer cable

Using a data conversion cable is also an effective method that is worth using. There are many cables to help you do this, especially the data transfer speed will be faster than using a mobile hard drive.

– If you mainly use Windows operating system and work with other Windows computers, you can use Belkin’s F5U279 cable. It allows you to connect 2 Windows computers together via USB-to-USB method. Especially, it will work faster if you use USB 3.0 port on both computers.

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– The school you use to transfer data between 2 Mac computers can use a cable: Thunderbolt-to-Thunderbolt.

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– For 2 computers using different operating systems (Windows / Mac; Linux / Windows; Mac / Linux) you can use a cross-over cable with a LAN to share data without the need for a router.

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6. Manual HDD or SSD connection manually.

If you are transferring data from an old computer to a new computer or you want to use a new hard drive to replace the old one, you can manually connect the HDD or SSD.

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HDD or SSD drive connected to the motherboard via SATA cable. If your computer has a spare SATA or eSATA port, the job now is to connect the SATA cable to the old drive. The operating system will recognize this drive as a new drive of the machine, and you just need to move the data you want to the machine again. This is the fastest way.

However, unlike desktop computers, moving data for laptops is more difficult, if you want to move data, you need a USB to SATA conversion cable, such as Anker’s USB 3.0. to SATA adapter.

7. Using cloud storage services.

This method is also used by quite a lot of users, especially when cloud storage services are growing and bringing many utilities to users. Email is always the easiest way or you can use one of the famous cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive …

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Cloud storage is a great option because the size of the files is virtually unlimited, as long as you have enough storage space. In addition, if both computers are syncing to local folders, you can perform a simultaneous upload or download.

In case you do not want to use cloud storage services to transfer data between two computers, the PlusTransfer software is an effective alternative. With PlusTransfer you can download data up to 5GB in one transfer and you don’t even need to register for an account when using.

Also, if speed is your thing, try using FilePizza. FilePizza software is one of the simplest and most effective tools for sharing data with friends. What makes it so special compared to other software is the use of peer-to-peer protocol. When one computer uploads the file, another computer will download the file right away, there will be no waiting time between the two. Users will not have to register an account to use this application.
The above is a summary of the ways to transfer data between 2 computers, hoping to choose for themselves the most appropriate and effective method. Also, in case you want to share a large file without USB and Internet, how would you handle it? The easiest way is to use the AnySend tool. Readers can refer to the article instructing to share large files between 2 computers via AnySend software to know how to apply in specific cases. Good luck.


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