How to translate Chinese with pictures on Google Translate

Translate Chinese with text that is familiar to you, but translating Chinese with pictures you have never seen makes you feel helpless, helpless, not knowing how to translate the text in the picture. . You stop being too worried, the article How to translate Chinese with pictures on Google Translate that shares below will help you.

Not only translating Chinese text, but software and applications Google Translate (Google Translate) It also allows to translate Chinese with images in particular, other languages ​​in general to help users look up easily and quickly without having to retype text into Google translate. To translate effectively, without errors, you need to follow the instructions How to translate Chinese with pictures on Google translate after.

Google translate Chinese with images and text to help look up words and translate paragraphs quickly

Note: For translating Chinese text or any language in the image, you can only do it on Google translate software and applications. And Google translate on the browser does not have this feature.

How to translate Chinese with pictures on Google Translate on Android and iOS phones

Request: Download and install Google translate
– iOS devices: Google translate for iPhone
– Android devices: Google translate for Android

Step 1: Open Google Translate app on the phone. You see upper right hand corner, you click enter the currently displayed language. For example, if is in English, click on “Brother” (Figure 1). Then slide the screen and click “Simplified Chinese” (Figure 2).

Google translate Chinese to English

Step 2: At the top of the interface, click 2 way arrow (Figure 3) to reverse the language translation position so that Translate Chinese to Vietnamese. You click “Camera” (Figure 4).

Translate Chinese to English

Step 3: In the lower right corner, you click “Continue” (Figure 5) and then click “Allow“when the question”Allow Translate to take pictures and record videos” (Figure 6).

Google Translate images

Step 4: At this point, you Move the phone camera to the picture with the Chinese text that you want to translate. When the translation is done, click “Pause translation” (Figure 7). If you want to continue translating, click ” again”Continue translating” (Figure 8).

Website to translate Chinese to English

Or after step 3, you can do the following to translate Chinese with pictures on Google Translate:

Step 4: You also move phone camera to the content you need to translate. You see below the interface, you click “To scan” (Figure 9). Next, you click camera icon like figure 10.

google translate images to english

Step 5: At this point, you will have 2 options (Figure 7)
– You can translate each word in that paragraph by touching the word in the text with your finger. Google translates right at the top of the interface for you.
– You want to translate the whole paragraph, you click “Select all” at the bottom of the interface (Figure 11). You want to delete your selection, you click “Delete” (Figure 12) or you want to see the details of the translated text, you click on the translation at the top.

Pan mem translate Chinese to camera

Right now, the whole paragraph translation will display:

Translate Chinese and English images on computers

Or if you have a picture of Chinese text on your phone. You can do the following:

After pressing at the camera in step 3 as above. You do the following:

– Click on “Import” (Figure 1) to upload photos.
– You click “Allow” (Figure 2) after being asked”Do you allow Translate access to photos and content…“. Then you select the photo that you want to translate Chinese into Vietnamese.

– At this time, the Chinese text image will be displayed (Figure 3), you also do the same way to scan the image above. Select individual words to translate or select all text.

Translate Chinese pictures on computer

The results will be displayed as above.
With this way of translating Chinese with pictures on Google Translate, you no longer have to worry when you see a long text in a picture. It only takes a few seconds to have the text translated into Vietnamese literally. Or you can also translate by phone camera. This way also helps you to translate language into Vietnamese and vice versa quickly and easily.

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