How to turn off auto-play next video on Youtube

The auto-play feature of Youtube video helps users who do not need to click the video to watch the next videos However, there are many videos that users do not like to watch but still play. will guide you how to turn off this feature.

Youtube Recently there is support for auto-playing related videos but this is not everyone feels satisfied. And you think of turning that feature off. Because if YouTube keeps playing one video after another, the same topics are going on, but not all of the videos that interest you.

This can help Youtube retain users longer but makes the viewer not necessarily excited. To get rid of this auto-play feature, it’s best to turn off the auto-play feature.

Autoplay videos, how to turn off auto-play videos on Youtube

Step 1: You go to Youtube Here and choose any video. You will see on the right of the screen below the word “Upload” (Up Next) featuring “Autoplay” (Autoplay)

Step 2: You hover to the slider and drag from left to right to see this button is displayed in blue

everything, automatic video editing on youtube

So you can turn off youtube ads, block youtube ads, remove ads on youtube as well as block the automatic playback of YouTube promotional videos.

Youtube is the largest video sharing network in the world at this time, so that not everyone can watch all the uploaded videos in a day, the method of downloading Youtube videos without software will be an option. The best option for those who have less free time, downloading YouTube videos without software actually uses online services to replace the software installation on the computer, helping to save memory for the hard drive.
In addition, if you use Google Chrome browser, you can easily block Youtube ads on Google chrome so that when you watch videos on this browser, you will not have to turn off or skip ads that lose the enjoyment of watching. video again. Also on CocCoc browser, blocking YouTube ads with CocCoc is similar to the way on Google chrome


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