How to turn off, open the software quickly on computers, laptops

How to turn off, open the software quickly on computers, laptops

To quickly turn off the software on the computer, usually we still create shortcuts to the desktop to access. However, if you want to be faster, you should create shortcuts according to the instructions below.

Similar to folders, we often have to access the software to launch. It is very time-consuming if you search and launch each software, so you should create shortcuts to open the software on your computer faster and more convenient.

Turn off, turn on the software quickly on computers and laptops

Step 1: First you find the software you want to turn on and off quickly. Next, right click on the selected software Send to> Desktop.

Step 2: Switch to the desktop and right-click and choose Properties.

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Step 3: Finally you find the option Shortcut key in the tab Shortcut then set the shortcut to start the software. For example Ctrl-Shift-A, Ctrl-Shift-S, etc.

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So has just guided you how to set up quick software shortcut on the computer. In fact, the way to open software and folders with shortcuts is the same. If you want to find out, please refer Movie shortcut open folder on the computer for more details.


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