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How to turn off prediction in Excel 2019


The content suggestion feature in Excel is also known as predictive in Excel 2019, that is, when users enter the content into a cell, Excel will automatically remember that content, if you enter data in the next cell. If there is a character that matches the entered text, Excel will display a suggestion for entering the content. So how to turn off prediction in Excel, turn off the suggestion? Refer to the shortcut in this article!

Feature suggestions good predict in Excel Although this is a useful feature to help users enter data and content quickly in case you need to enter the content, but some cases will be more or less annoying because the prediction will display the content. If you have entered before, you will have to delete the tail or have to edit the data to be able to, so turning off predictions in Excel is necessary and should be done now.

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Turn off content suggestion in Excel

Instructions to turn off prediction in Excel 2019

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to turn off predictions in Excel 2019 to turn off the suggestion or repeat characters when typing text in Excel spreadsheets.

Step 1: Open Excel, then click menu File on the tool bar as described in the image below:

How to make mistakes in Excel 2019 2

Step 2: Scroll down, select Options

How to make mistakes in Excel 2019 3

Step 3: In the interface Excel Options -> click on continue Advanced as described in the image below:

How to make mistakes in Excel 2019 4

Step 4: Then look to the right content -> then find the section Editing options -> Perform uncheck the item Enable AutoComplete for cell values. Finally, click OK, got it to save the changes is done.

How to make mistakes in Excel 2019 5

Click OK as instructed above and you are done turn off prediction in Excel 2019 and that! It’s simple, right! After you turn off, when editing and entering content, the prediction feature suggesting content in Excel will not appear anymore, so that you enter the content with the same characters will not be afraid due to prediction. will merge completely with previously entered content.

In case you need to use the content suggestion feature, you can turn on the prediction feature by doing the same as above, but instead of leaving the check mark first, you will tick again. Enable AutoComplete for cell values to turn on.
In addition, when working on Excel spreadsheets with a lot of data, planning and rearranging data is important, making it easier and more convenient to track, read and view data on Excel. Please refer to the instructions Sort data in Excel Here to know how to do and soon have a standard Excel file, beautiful and easy to follow. Good luck!



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