How to turn off the computer daily

To turn off the computer, simply click Shutdown and you’re done. However, if you often work late or forget to shut down your computer, setting a daily shutdown timer will help you take the initiative and the computer will automatically shut down at a set time.

There are many ways to help you shutdown timer including whether you use the timer software to turn off the computer or do not need the software. In particular, the plan to not use the software is considered to be the most optimal and active in case you do not have the automatic shutdown software or you simply do not like installing such a software on your computer. mine.

Set a timer to turn off the computer and laptop daily

In this article we will guide and help you exploit the timer feature to turn off the computer Task Scheduler is available on Windows 10. You can go to this section to set the schedule for the computer to shut down automatically, and the actions for you to perform are quite simple only!

How to schedule a computer to shut down using Task Scheduler

To schedule a shutdown of Windows 10 using the Task Scheduler feature, follow these steps:

Step 1: You access the section Search next to the button Start and enter the keyword “Task Scheduler“in the search bar -> and click on the result Task Scheduler.

how to stop the computer now 2

Step 2: Window Task Scheduler appears as shown below, click to select Create Basic Task …

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Dialog box Create Basic Task wizard appears -> enter the name of the schedule you want to create into the line Name and enter some brief information about this shutdown appointment schedule at the line description. Then click next next.

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Step 3: At the next setup Trigger, click on it Daily is daily and click next.

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Next, set a specific time for this shutdown timer.

how to stop the automatic computer now 6

Then click on the option Start a program -> and press next.

how to stop all computer purchases 7

At the next step, enter the “shutdown“to the line Program / Script, and enter the “/ S / F“to the line Add arguments (optional) -> Then click to select next.

how to stop an instant computer 8

Go to step finish (last), you should review all the newly established information to see if you want it. If it doesn’t feel right, press Back to return to setup or press finish to complete the setup.

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Step 4: You return to the main interface of Task Scheduler -> right-click on the calendar you just created -> and select Properties.

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Custom interface Properties appears -> please tick on Run with the highest privileges in the General section (running with highest privileges)

how to stop automatic computer entry 11

Next, go to the tab Conditions -> and then tick the options:

Start the task only if the computer is idle for
Stop if the computer ceases to be idle
Restart if the idle state resumes

You should select this section as “30 minutes”.

how to stop all computer purchases now 12

Next, you switch to the tab Settings -> Tick the options:

Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed
If the task fails, start every.

Also set the “30 minutes” time setting in the “If the task fails, start every“,” 3 “in the section Attempt and “1 hour” in the “Stop the task if it runs longer than“as described in the image below:

how to stop all computer purchases 13

Step 5: Setup is complete, click select OK, got it to save and perform a restart of Windows to complete.

So just showed you how daily computer shutdown timer Use the Task Scheduler feature available on Windows computers. It’s simple, right!
In addition, the timer to turn off the computer with software is not too complicated, even there are very small software, when using you will use more functions and especially very intuitive because Included support will be available on the interface of the software that turns off the computer. Please refer to Top software timer to turn off the computer on for more information to choose offline!


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