How to turn off Ubuntu quickly

When the computer shuts down, it takes a certain amount of time to close the active processes one by one, which causes discomfort when the user has to wait for the computer to shut down to carry it to school or work. This article will guide you how to quickly shutdown, forcing all processes to end immediately.

On Windows There are many ways to turn off the computer quickly to save user time, you can turn off the computer quickly by using hotkeys or command line and so on Ubuntu, we will introduce you how to turn off Ubuntu by shortcut on the screen to be able to shutdown faster.

To execute immediately, open Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) then enter shutdown -h now

And press Enter, your computer will turn off immediately

To create the shortcut, do the following:

Step 1: At an empty file off the screen

Step 2: Right click and select Rename, then change to the name you like with the extension .desktop

how to remove ubuntu quickly 2

Step 3: Open the file just Create and copy the following code

[Desktop Entry]
Name =
Exec = shutdown -h now
Icon =
Type =
Categories = ;

how to disable ubuntu quickly 3

Step 4: Click Right-click on the file and choose Properties

how to remove ubuntu quickly 4

Step 5: Switch to Permission tab and choose Allow executing file as program

how to disable ubuntu fast 5

Now double-click the newly created file, your computer will shut down immediately. You can create other similar shortcuts as long as your Exec statement makes sense, such as a shortcut to Reboot, a quick logout from the screen.

Above is a guide to help users quickly shut down Ubuntu, in case you want to quickly boot Ubuntu to work, you can refer to how to quickly boot Ubuntu that we have guided in the previous article.
Good luck!


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