How to turn off “watched” on Skype

Similar to popular applications such as Zalo, Facebook Messenger, Viber, LINE, WhatsApp … with the read feature, Skype users can also use this feature to turn on and off with Skype. “watched” on Skype if the user wants.

The signaling feature called “read receipt” or “seen” is quite common on the messaging applications that we mentioned at the beginning of the article. But with Skype, this feature has just been updated, and of course, in terms of time, this feature is available after the popular applications we have introduced above. However, the latter does not mean less, less welcome, even if this feature is needed when users need it to be enabled or turn off “watched” on Skype again done extremely simple and extremely easy.

Turn on, turn off the “read” feature on Skype

Instructions to turn on and off “watched” on Skype

Currently, users can install Skype on computers, laptops or install on smart mobile devices using iOS, Android or MAC OS computers. You can also access the Skype download links below to choose the appropriate use for the device you currently have.

– Skype for computers, laptops here: Download Skype
– Skype for Mac OS here: Download Skype for Mac
– Skype for iOS phones here: Download Skype for iPhone
– Skype for Android phones here: Download Skype for Android

To turn off the “watched” feature on Skype, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Perform the Skype login after you have finished installing to use.

how to view it on skype 2

Step 2: After successful login. You click on 3 dot icon as described in the image below.

how to view skype 3

Then click on Settings (Setting)

how to view skype 4

Step 3: In the interface Settings -> you find and click Messaging (Message). At the section Read receipts (viewed features) -> you will see the drag button to the left and right to make the switch on and off.

how to view skype 5

The image above is the “watched” feature is enabled (status ON) -> you drag left to turn off. Meanwhile, this button will be dimmed, hidden.

how to view it on skype 6

If you want to turn on “watched” on Skype -> repeat the steps above -> then drag the circle button on the slider to the right to turn it back on already.

Some note

– If you leave the status hidden (Invisible) then the “watched” feature is disabled by default – that is equivalent to turning off the “watched” feature.
– “Watched” feature is applied when you chat with another person (ie 1 person with 1 person). If it is a group chat, the maximum will be 20 people.
The above is a small tip to help you love the chat, call, Skype messaging applications turn off “watched” on Skype easily help the user when sending a message regardless of whether the recipient has read it or not yet read it. And if you need to know if the recipient has read your message or not, then you should turn it on for easy tracking.


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