How to turn on and off numlock on Lenovo laptop

Turning on numlock on a Lenovo laptop is an important way to turn on the number on the laptop quickly, especially when the area on the keyboard does not allow more rows of number keys on the laptop and the user does not have an external keyboard, follow the same steps. Instructions of offline.

Due to the compact size of some Lenovo laptops, users will not be able to use the number keys directly on the keyboard, but must use the number keys on the letter keys. However, many of the number keys that you want to press must use additional keyboard shortcuts to activate, but the fastest activation is to turn on the numlock on Lenovo laptops.

If you don’t see the Numlock key, just wait to find a way to turn on the Numlock on Lenovo laptops. When activating numlock, you can use keys like 7-8-9, u-i-o, j-k-l, and like a numeric keypad.

How to turn off, turn on numlock on Lenovo laptop

* For some lenovo laptops 14 inch or smaller 14 inch

These models may or may not have a Numlock key. But if it is, it will be written as NmLk. You can find the NmLk key located just to the right of the keyboard, usually integrated with other keys, for example, F8 or Insert.

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turn off the numlock on lenovo laptop

So to turn on Numlock on a Lenovo laptop size 14 inches or smaller, press the key combination: F8 / F7 / Insert or Fn + F8 / F7 / Insert Please.

* For some lenovo laptops 15 inches and above.

You can see the Numlock key is arranged and designed to display as a separate button like a mechanical keyboard, so it’s quite convenient to operate and does not need to search for the Numlock symbol for too long on the keyboard as well as the link. Match the keys together to activate.

start numlock on lenovo laptop

Please press the key NmLk or NumLock directly on the keyboard to enable numlock on Lenovo laptops.

Of course this is with the integrated keyboard on Lenovo laptops, you can absolutely use the method of turning on Numlock on Lenovo laptops through external keyboards connected to laptops via USB ports.

How to activate numlock on lenovo laptop

By default, the external keyboard or mechanical keyboard will have a separate numlock button and signal light to let users know whether numlock is enabled on the laptop or not.

Another way for you to automatically enable Numlock on Windows 10 is to use Registry Editor, but before you perform this procedure, you need to make sure to back up the registry to avoid possible errors. caused by system changes.

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