How to turn on low battery mode on iPhone

Despite good and stable performance, the battery capacity on the iPhone is always a concern of many iFans. So how to save battery on ios devices is a question many users are interested. would like to send to you guys how to turn on low battery mode on iPhone to be able to increase the battery life on the device for a longer time.

Compared to devices of the Android operating system, the majority of Apple’s smartphone product lines have not too high battery capacity. For example, the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus have beautiful designs, stable performance, but only battery capacity, respectively. 2900 mAh and 2675 mAh. To save battery power and increase the use time is longer on these devices you just need to follow the steps immediately below.

Instructions on how to use the battery on the iPhone longer

How to turn on low battery mode on iPhone

Step 1: Open the Machine Menu and access the section Setting ( Setting) .

Step 2: Next, you scroll down to find the item Battery ( The battery).

how to prevent battery life on iphone 2

Step 3: The next screen you will see the section appears Low Power Mode (Low power mode). You guys proceed Drag the circular slider to the right to turn it on.

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Once Low Power Mode is enabled, the battery icon is located top right corner Your iPhone will turn yellow to indicate your device is in Low Power Mode.

Turn on low battery mode using Siri

In addition to the above, you can also use the virtual assistant Siri to activate this mode. First you Open Siri on your ios device then say ” Turn on Low Power Mode “(Turn on low power mode). Right now Siri will show a switch button on your screen to be able to activate the mode on.

When you don’t want to use low battery mode on your iPhone anymore, you can Drag the bar to Low Power Mode to the left to return to the original state.

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The steps to turn on and off the low battery mode on the iPhone is extremely simple and easy, right? And if the charger does not enter, you find out how fix iPhone charger not charging here.


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