How to turn on Sub, CC songs Give Me How?

In today’s article, we will show you how to turn on the Sub, CC the song Give Me – a new song by Son Tung MTP, which was launched yesterday on Youtube.

To support a large audience around the world, YouTube has added subtitles feature to help listeners can track the transcription or understand the exact content of the video. And here is how turn on Sub, CC song Give It To You, a new song by male singer Sơn Tùng MTP.

Turn on Vietnamese subtitles for the song Give Me

How to turn on Sub, CC Song Give Me by Son Tung MTP

Enabling Sub and CC only applies to videos that the author has added or has been automatically created by Yotube itself. At that time, you will see the icon appear right on the Video.

Step 1: First, you need to access the system Yotube and search the song Give It To Me by Sơn Tùng MTP, then click on the song.

bat sub cc song or give me how 2

Step 2: Click to select Icon To turn on the subtitle mode as shown below.

bat sub cc song or give me how 3

The Video subtitle will then be displayed and the default language set by the creator, here on the song Give Me the default language will be Vietnamese. To adjust video subtitles, you can click on the icon Setting saw tooth shape.

bat sub cc song or give him how 4

Here you can adjust video quality broadcast, playback speed and select subtitles displayed in many different languages ​​when clicking Subtitle, the language of subtitles available in videos depends on the creator or the YouTube itself added.

bat sub cc song or give me how 5

Just released less than a day, Son Tung’s Let’s Give You song has reached 13 million views and is currently leading on the trending rankings of Youtube. The presence of rapper Snoop Dogg also brought many successes for this Hit Version of MTP.

Above is an article on how to turn on Sub, CC The song Let’s Give You is performed by Thai Binh singer after a time of absence. Currently, the song has been elaborately owned about 12.9 million views, earned 1.3 million likes and has more than 186,000 comments after less than a day. Let’s listen to Give It to You and enjoy its wonderful melody.
In addition, you can also download the song to your computer or phone through the tutorial article download mp3 Give It To You as well as the mp4 video we instructed in previous posts, right now download and listen to the new hit version of Son Tung right on your device. On the phone, please refer to the way download Give it to your phone here.


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