How to turn on, turn off the screen automatically Samsung

The trick to turn on and turn off the Samsung screen automatically is just a simple feature, but it is extremely useful when helping users can work or play more conveniently by switching the screen mode of the device. to horizontal or vertical as you wish and still retain the best quality resolution.

Most smartphone manufacturers today have built-in function to automatically rotate the screen on their products. More than just a rotating screen feature, Samsung offers users more than one installation option.

Turn on, turn off the Samsung screen rotation automatically

Thus, you can use the phone comfortably, more conveniently mistakenly improve performance as well as entertainment. But before digging deeper into the advanced settings that manufacturers bring, invite you and Taimienphi to learn how to turn on, Turn off auto-rotate Samsung screen.

Instructions to turn on and off automatically rotate Samsung screen

When implementing this tutorial, Taimienphi used the phone Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, run the operating system Android 9 as an example. For other phones with the same brand, you can also refer and perform the same operation.

Step 1: From the main working screen of the device, you swipe along from the top down to open the accessibility window;

how to turn off screen rotation samsung 2

Step 2: Immediately, you will see the feature’s icon Screen rotation on the toolbar. However, if for some reason you still haven’t seen it, please hold the bar horizontal and swipe down to see the full features.

Click the icon Figure padlock to enable the feature Screen rotation;

how to turn off samsung screen rotation 3

Step 3: As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Samsung gives its users some extra options when automatically rotating the screen. To use these features, you need to click on the section title of the feature Screen rotation;

Here, out scroll bar turn on, turn off the screen automatically Samsung, you have two other options are support horizontal for: screen saver and Voice call screen.

how to turn off screen rotation samsung 4

Once Samsung screen rotation is turned on automatically, the screen will automatically rotate horizontally when you hold your device horizontally as shown below.

how to turn off screen rotation samsung 5
So Taimienphi and you have completed the steps necessary to turn on, Turn off auto-rotate Samsung screen and also the additional settings of the manufacturer. Hope this share will help you to use your phone more effectively and efficiently. If using a computer but do not know how to rotate the screen, refer to how rotate computer screen here.


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