How to unblock YouTube to watch videos

How to unblock YouTube to watch videos

Youtube is blocked in more than 20 countries around the globe for a variety of reasons, it is also banned in schools and government offices in many regions. Sometimes, only certain content of a website is blocked. Initially, there wasn’t any option to access YouTube or blocked content, but now unblocking has become a lot easier.

How to unblock YouTube, find out why

Table of Contents:
1. What is Youtube ?.
2. Why is YouTube blocked or banned ?.
3. How to unblock Youtube videos.
4. Use a proxy to unblock YouTube.
5. Downloading videos is blocked.
6. Change web browser.
7. Use browser plugins.
8. Other methods.

1. What is Youtube?

YouTube is the best video sharing and viewing website in the world. Through YouTube, users can view, like, comment, share, subscribe and even upload their own videos or download Youtube videos to computers. In addition, YouTube also has its own application, compatible on all platforms and smart devices.

2. Why is YouTube blocked or banned?

cach bo chan youtube

Youtube is banned in many countries around the globe for various reasons such as:
– Prevent people from viewing inappropriate content;
– Avoid showing the public content that causes social, political or economic tensions;
– Prevent the violation of various laws such as intellectual property laws, etc.
– Workplaces, schools, organizations, universities, and colleges prohibit YouTube to prevent students from viewing inappropriate content;
– Prevent the public from viewing content that does not meet community standards or could be a threat to national security.

3. How to unblock Youtube videos

3.1. Use VPN

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is considered the most secure way to unblock YouTube. VPNs allow users to hide their original IP address and provide a disguised virtual IP address, while also hiding time and browsing history.

Because a VPN provides users with a virtual IP address, it makes the system seem like a user accessing YouTube from another location. By following the simple steps mentioned below, you can easily unblock YouTube with a VPN:
– Choose the VPN software that meets the requirements of the website you are trying to access;
– Install VPN software on your device;
– Connect to the target server and unlimited access to YouTube.

Some of the best VPN software in 2019 to unblock YouTube:

3.2. ExpressVPN

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ExpressVNP is well secured and encrypted, and is one of the top choices from users around the world.

+ Advantages:
– Good security and encryption
– Provide unlimited access to Youtube
– There are a variety of servers to choose from
– Can be used for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and routers

+ Disadvantages:
– Higher price compared to other VPN providers
– Limit settings and configuration
– Only support customers via chat or email

– Download ExpressVPN here.

3.3. VyprVPN

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This is considered one of the most powerful VPNs providing more than 200,000 IP addresses.

+ Advantages:
– Providing unique features and services
– Simple activation process
– Safe, reliable

+ Disadvantages:
– Slow customer service
– Download speed of high quality video is quite low
– The number of servers is limited

– Download VyprVPN here.

3.4. IPVanish

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IPVanish is available in more than 60 countries with more than 1,000 servers, is compatible with most operating systems, and supports all major VPN protocols.

+ Advantages:
– Available for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS
– User friendly interface
– Support multiple settings and configurations
– Enable Torrenting network

+ Disadvantages:
– The security is not high
– Privacy violation record
– Customer support is slow
– Relatively high price

– Download IPVanish here.

3.5. CyberGhost

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This VPN is available in more than 60 countries and has a huge number of servers, providing high-speed connectivity.

+ Advantages:
– Fast and strong network
– Many server options
– Good security and reliability

+ Disadvantages:
– The price is quite high
– Complex interface for users

– Download CyberGhost here.

3.6. Speedify

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This VPN is considered best for users with multiple connections.

+ Advantages:
– Good security
– Fast speed, good performance
– Compatible with multiple platforms
– User friendly interface

+ Disadvantages:
– Only support customers through ticket system
– Can only be used on 2 devices simultaneously
– Small number of servers
– Blocked Netflix

– Download Speedify here.

3.7. HideMyAss

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+ Advantages:
– Good security and reliability
– Use the latest OpenVPN encryption and protocol options
– Multiple servers
– Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices
– User friendly interface

+ Disadvantages:
– The connection is very slow
– Risk of downloading dangerous files during the installation
– Collecting personal information of users
– Problems streaming with Netflix

– Download HideMyAss here.

3.8. BulletVPN

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BulletVPN is relatively new on the market compared to other popular VPNs but still offers a range of attractive features.

+ Advantages:
– No login required
– Provide 5 VPN protocols
– Reliable, fast and secure
– Friendly customer support team

+ Disadvantages:
– The price is quite high
– Fewer servers than other VPNs

– Download BulletVPN here.

3.9. NordVPN

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+ Advantages:
– User friendly interface
– Strong encryption
– No login required
– Provide 24/7 customer support
– Add more privacy features
– Low price

+ Disadvantages:
– Slow speed during rush hour
– Lack of variety in server options
– Does not support customers by phone
Unblocking YouTube with a VPN is a safe solution if you use software that requires payment, as some free VNPs allow third parties to access personal data, leading to the risk of private information being used. used for illegal purposes.
Most VPNs only unblock YouTube on PCs, while others support unblocking it on both Android and iOS operating systems.

– Download NordVPN here.

4. Use a proxy to unblock YouTube

A proxy server is a software system running on a computer that acts as an intermediary between a computer and another server to request services. Basically, proxies are like a gateway between users and the Internet.

So how do proxies support blocking YouTube? When a proxy server is used, service requests made on the Internet go through the proxy server. Before forwarding the request to the end user, the proxy server can make various changes. This property of the proxy server helps users to access blocked content.

Here are some common proxy websites used:

4.1. ProxySite

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Proxysite is a website that allows you to enter a YouTube URL link and then can watch the video as usual. It also supports other social media sites, very user friendly interface. In addition, users can also control cookies, java and add-ons on the site.

– Download ProxySite here.

4.2. GenMirror

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Genmirror is also a very popular proxy site, compatible with both Android and IOS. It has advanced SSL technology that keeps users’ personal information safe.

– Download GenMirror here.


cach bo chan youtube 12

Like Genmirror, also has SSL encryption so it is very safe for users.

– Download here.

5. Downloading videos is blocked

Another way to view blocked YouTube videos is to download them for later viewing. By the way, you don’t need to watch online. There are different software and websites to help you quickly download YouTube videos.

– Apowersoft Online Video Downloader: This is a website that allows you to download simple YouTube videos in high resolution. You only need to paste the URL link and choose to download.

cach bo chan youtube 13

– Clip Converter: Support converting YouTube videos in different formats. This site also has plugins that allow pre-installation in your PC / laptop to download videos whenever you want without having to revisit the website.

cach bo chan youtube 14

– Y2mate: Allow users to download videos easily, even videos with 720p resolution. It also provides means of quickly converting videos to various formats. Moreover, this site has no ads.

In addition, there are many YouTube video downloader options available on the Internet. These sites are usually very easy to use and free.

6. Changing the web browser to open YouTube is blocked


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TOR is a web browser that helps maintain anonymity while browsing any content by hiding anonymity and IP address, so the system will not be able to track the user’s actual location. It also hides the details of the websites you have visited. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows and is compatible with all smart devices.

– Download Torhere.

Opera browser

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Opera is a famous and reliable anonymous web browser, available in all operating systems of smart devices. This browser comes with integrated VPN. It can be turned on and off depending on user requirements. Therefore, you will not have to install any additional software / applications.

– Download Opera here.

7. Use an add-on browser to open Youtube when blocked or banned

ProxyTube: This plugin is only available for browsers Firefox. Before viewing any blocked site, you only need to change the geographical location in the settings.

cach bo chan youtube 17

– Stealthy: This plugin is compatible with the me browser, making it easy to access restricted websites (including YouTube) without revealing your geographical location. Download Stealthy for Chrome here.
– Hola: Hola is a combination of VPN and plugin. It helps you to use random geographic locations to access blocked websites. Download Halo here.

8. Other methods to open Youtube are blocked
Use Google Translate: This is an extremely simple method to view blocked YouTube videos. The utility will help users translate links into other languages ​​and then act as if the content is being viewed from an unblocked location.
– You just need to visit: and provide the URL link
– Translate into another language and then translate into English
– Use the translate link to access blocked YouTube content


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