How to unfollow them in bulk on Facebook

Requesting instructions on how to unsubscribe in mass on Facebook is a topic that many users are interested and learn in recent times, if you also have the same concern about this issue, please linger and refer to The following article for detailed instructions on how to do it!

In process use Facebook, sometimes you feel extremely uncomfortable because of the posts of strangers or the posts of Fanpage, Group sales or contain offensive information. Surely now you will want to block or unfollow so that similar posts will no longer show up on your message board.

How to unfollow them in bulk on Facebook

To save time and effort, Taimienphi will guide you how bulk unfollow on Facebook quickly without having to visit each group or individual pages.

Bulk unfollow on Facebook

First, don’t forget the preparation steps. Download the latest browser version on your computer and update the Facebook app for iPhone or Android. Quick download link will be shared immediately below Taimienphi.

Download the popular browser on your computer:

– Download the Chrome browser here: Download Chrome
– Download the Firefox browser here: Download Firefox

Download the Facebook app on your phone:

– Download Facebook for iPhone
– Download Facebook for Android

Method 1: Unfollow mass on Facebook via computer

Step 1: Log in log into your personal Facebook account;

Step 2: On the working screen of Facebook, click the icon Setting In the menu bar, select the arrow Message board options ;

how to follow goods on facebook 2

Step 3: In the dialog box Option Just opened, click Unfollow to hide the article ;

how to follow goods on facebook 3

Step 4: Friend left click go to the page or the person you are not following. Once completed, press Accomplished to remember the system to set up.

how to follow goods on facebook 4

Method 2: Unfollow mass on Facebook via phone

Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your phone, then tap Setting there is a 3 dash icon.

With version Facebook for Android , knot Setting will be at the top of the screen, also Facebook for iPhone will be below.

how to follow goods on facebook 5

Step 2: In the menu that appears, click the button Settings & privacy. Keep clicking Setting .

how to follow goods on facebook 6

Step 3: You scroll down and navigate to the item Message board settings and click Message Board Options .

how to follow goods on facebook 7

Step 4: Window Message Board Options appears, you press Unfollow people to hide their posts.

how to follow goods on facebook 8

Step 5: Click on the account or page you want to unfollow. Once completed, click Accomplished to remember setting.

how to follow goods on facebook 9
Above, Taimienphi has guided you 2 simple ways to bulk unfollow on Facebook . With a small tip, you will easily remove annoying articles and news, bringing about a better social networking experience. Also, you refer to the way Allow following on Facebook, turn on Followers Facebook here in case your account is not activated.


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