How to uninstall XAMPP on Macbook, Mac OS X

XAMPP is the number 1 solution for developers and testers to create web servers on computers for testing purposes. For some reason, such as you are not using XAMPP anymore or XAMPP is causing the Mac to run slowly, you want to uninstall XAMPP on Macbook, Mac OS X. The following article will show you how to do that.

Way uninstall XAMPP on Macbook, Mac OS X is made very simple, but before you get started, you need to understand two concepts are “remove” and “uninstall”. If you want a program to disappear completely, you should uninstall it. When it comes to removal, that means dragging the application to the trash. However, this process does not guarantee that there is nothing to be missed. In contrast, the uninstall process involves sending the application to the recycle bin and removing the entire file, as well as the registry associated with it.

How to uninstall XAMPP on Macbook, Mac OS X

1. Turn off suspicious processes that are running in the background

XAMPP is a legitimate program that has nothing to do with viruses, malware, PUP and similar threats. That means it can be removed and uninstalled manually. If you want to remove XAMPP, you should first delete the application related processes. Also, make sure you terminate processes that clearly affect device performance when they are running in the background on your computer:

– Go Finder, search Activity Monitor and double click on the application.

uninstall macbook on mac os mac 2 x

– Find XAMPP-related processes or any suspicious processes, especially if they are using a lot of CPU and memory.

– Click on the icon i at the top of the window and wait until a new window appears.

uninstall macbook on mac os x 3

– When the system asks if you are sure you want to terminate the process, click Quit.

2. Uninstall XAMPP manually

Next, you need to remove XAMPP from Mac OS X by taking the following steps:

– Open the folder Application.

uninstall macbook on mac os x 4

– Click here XAMPP icon and hold down until it can move.

– Drag the application to the trash.

– Press Ctrl + Trash and choose Empty Trash.

Following the above steps does not mean that you have completely uninstalled XAMPP from Mac OS X. Don’t forget that programs often have some files and registry attached. To search for them, you have to find and check all the directories that contain the rest like:

– / Library / Application Support /

– / Library / Preferences /.
Above is an article that shows you how to uninstall XAMPP on Mac. Besides this manual method, you can also use some specialized software uninstall software to remove the program with just one click.


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