How to update the VGA driver for the computer monitor

How to update the VGA driver for the computer monitor

Video card, graphic card is an indispensable device in every computer set. This device directly processes image data and extracts it onto your computer. Along with VGA is the integrated driver kit to optimize the VGA to get the best performance on your computer. However, this driver package is often outdated compared to when you bought the card, so installing the latest driver is an extremely important step for your computer to work smoothly and adapt to the processing environment. New graphics.

Updating the VGA driver is not as difficult as you think, it will not cause harm to your computer as when upgrading the BIOS. The only thing is that it will confuse many people if the computer is using normally and the upgrade fails will not know how to handle it. Don’t worry because you only need to visit the genuine address of your VGA manufacturer and download the compatible driver. Specifically this article will provide complete instructions to help you update your vga driver.

How to update the VGA driver for the computer monitor

Method 1: Update automatically

Usually laptops have CDs attached to install drivers, but most of them are old versions, you can hardly update the latest vga driver via CD. But you can use the function to automatically find and install VGA drivers on Windows to download and update the latest VGA drivers on Microsoft systems if you are not sure which VGA your computer uses.

In addition, on Windows 10 comes equipped with Update Driver feature, automatically checks all devices connected to the computer, including graphics card, sound card, USB … then proceed to download the driver version latest matches. However, in order for this process to proceed properly, to avoid the case of downloading the wrong old version, users should perform the upgrade themselves through the Update Driver feature.

Open the window Run (Windows + R) and type devmgmt.msc to open the Device Manager window.

Update the vga driver

Then navigate to the item Display Adapter and update vga included in this item by right-clicking Update driver software …

update vga

Then choose Search automatically for updated driver software The system will automatically find and update the latest VGA driver for you via an internet connection.

Method 2: Update manually
The advantage of manual updates is that you can download the latest driver, even the driver that came out an hour ago. However, you need to determine the exact type of vga driver you need to download.

First, you need to determine if your VGA is VGA Onboard or discrete VGA. On a laptop, you can look at the introductory information taped below the laptop keyboard or you can open Run and type dxdiag to open the window DirectX Diagnostic Tool and check what your VGA name is

update vga card man hiinh driver

Then access the address of the VGA manufacturer to download the appropriate driver. Currently, there are some major VGA vendors in the market as follows:

Download Nvidia Driver here: Download Nvidia.

Download Driver Ati AMD here: Download ATi AMD.

Download Driver Intell here: Download Intel.

update vga screen
Look for the correct vga driver version and compatible with your operating system. Alternatively, you can use some tools like Driver Booster 3 will help you find the updated version of VGA driver and also other devices such as network card, sound, … best compatible for your device. Besides, you can choose to buy a video card for your computer depending on the purpose of use and your economy.

So, above we have very detailed instructions for you how to update the VGA driver for the computer screen. There are quite a few major manufacturers of VGA cards (GPUs), such as Intel, Nvidia, and AMD, so depending on the case you use which card can apply the same article above to update drivers. My video card.


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