How to update to the latest CCleaner

The following article will help you know how to update the latest CCleaner quickly so that your computer will always have new, safe CCleaner, and always be updated with new features and technologies, helping to clean the machine. Calculate, optimize the system for free and achieve the highest efficiency.

Ccleaner is a software to clean, optimize your computer system is rated as the best today. Using CCleaner software helps users to clean the computer, delete junk files and intensive cleaning, thereby helping to free up hard drive space to make the computer operate with the best performance. You should be proactive Update CCleaner latest version In order to update new features for the software, in addition to cleaning as mentioned, the software also helps you delete long browsing history, help the browser to start faster and load pictures better.

Latest CCleaner update for computers and laptops

Instructions for updating to the latest version of CCleaner

To see which version CCleaner is using as well update CCleaner The latest for your computer, laptop follow these steps:

Step 1: The update Ccleaner will do after a while you install CCleaner and use this software.

You guys open Ccleaner is using up, you left the left corner near the icon of CCleaner will see a row of words. As shown in the image below v5.34.6207 (64bit) -> This is the current CCleaner version you are using.

how to update the latest update 2

Step 2: To update Ccleaner latest version -> click on it Check for update bottom, right corner of the software interface to check and download the version Ccleaner latest on computers.

how to update the latest ccleaner 3

Step 3: Immediately, you will be directed to the homepage link Ccleaner -> here you will know the version CCleaner Pro How much. If you want the paid Pro version, click on it Upgrade Now to upgrade, and of course you will have to buy Ccleaner license. Currently the price displayed on the homepage is $ 19.95.

how to update the latestclcler 4

If you do not want to upgrade to the Pro now and want to update to the new free version -> you can actually scroll down to the bottom of the page -> click No Thanks

how to update the latestclclerer 5

You continue to drag the mouse down -> then click select Download To download the latest version of CCleaner to your device -> then install, update to the latest version of CCleaner.

how to update the latestclcler 6

Other ways: Update the new version on website

You can access the download CCleaner latest version On here: Download Ccleaner -> This website is always updated software, new version, fastest and safest for Internet users.

Step 4: After the download is completed Ccleaner latest version -> double click the software to install, the installation process is quite simple with the software interface shown as in the image below -> you click Install to start the installation.

how to update ccleaner for the latest 7

You just wait a few minutes as the installation process will complete -> then, you click Run CCleaner to open the software to use.

how to update the latest update 8

Figure below is the interface CCleaner v5.59.7230 New version when you have just completed the command Analyze (analytical).

how to update the latest ccleaner 9
Above is the tutorial Update CCleaner latest version to give you an overview when using this software in case you need to upgrade, update to a new version. In addition, you should also proactively set the on, Turn off automatic updates on CCleaner for proactive software to quickly access new technologies, as well as new features, through which you will be more active in updating new CCleaner versions for your computer.


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