How to update Windows 10 Anniversary from now on

How to update Windows 10 Anniversary from now on

Windows 10 is a feature and has a large number of users. Join to update Windows 10 Anniversary now to get the latest Update, please refer to the article below.

After a while, the Windows 10 Anniversary edition was released, an update of Windows 10 Home and Pro. This is also a commemorative version of Microsoft, with added features that surpass the previous Windows 10 Pro. You can upgrade and update Windows 10 Anniversary through Windows Update or follow our tips.

Instructions for updating Windows 10 Anniversary now

Also note that during the upgrade of Windows 10, an error-0x800704dd-0x90016 error may occur. You need to Fix error-0x800704dd-0x90016 can update Windows 10 Anniversary on the computer. If you can’t wait to update your Windows 10 Anniversary via Windows Update, follow our guide here. With just a few steps, you can force the installation of Windows 10 Anniversary Update on your computer.

How to update Windows 10 Anniversary now:

First download the Media Creation Tool here: Download Media Creation Tool.
Step 1: Download and install Media Creation Tool on the computer.
Step 2: Launch the Media Creation Tool software and select Accept to agree to install the Windows 10 Anniversary upgrade.

how to update windows 10 anniversary

Step 3: When the Media Creation Tool asks you what you want, select Upgrade this PC now (Update Windows now) and press next.

how to update windows 10 anniversary

Step 4: The Media Creation Tool will start searching and downloading files to upgrade Windows 10 Anniversary.
Step 5: Wait a moment for the screen to switch Ready to install ie the software is ready to update Windows 10 Anniversary. Click Install to start the installation.

how to update windows 10 anniversary

Wait for the Media Creation Tool to upgrade Windows for you.
After the upgrade is complete, log in to Windows 10 to continue using.

how to update windows 10 anniversary

Windows 10 Anniversary interface after the update.

Above is the fastest Windows 10 Anniversary upgrade guide for Windows users who have not received the Windows 10 Anniversary update confirmation message on their computer.
If you are still wondering whether or not to update to the Windows 10 Anniversary, please refer to the article that updates the expected features and functions for readers to decide for themselves. I should update Windows 10 Anniversary the easiest way.


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