How to upload files to Google Drive, upload data on Google Drive

How to upload files to Google Drive is a trick many users are interested in. To store files up to GB from your computer to Google Drive, no file format limit. If you do not know how to do it, refer to the following content of

To store files online, some users in other countries often choose Dropbox. However, in the field of online file storage on the Internet today, both Dropbox as well as One Drive … and many other tools still can not be compared with the big Google Drive. Despite providing many different tools, but in each market share, Google has shown its remarkable strength, having Microsoft Drive’s One Drive is also highly appreciated, but users are still mainly using Google Drive more.

We still do file sharing to each other via Google Drive on a computer, but if you share files to Google Drive on mobile phones, how to do it? How to use Google Drive on iPhone and Android phones will help you answer this question, with the current popularity of mobile devices, using Google Drive on it will save time and be more convenient.

How to upload files to Google Drive on computers and laptops

Done on online service

Step 1: From the Google Chrome or Coc Coc browser you access or -> Proceed to login Gmail, access your gmail account. Then click on the Google add tools icon, next select Drive.

how to download google drive file

Step 2: In the archive view, click on My Drive ->Upload files.

How to download files from Google Drive

Step 3: Navigate to the directory containing the file to upload, select the file and press Open.

download file to google drive

Step 4: Depending on the file size and network speed, you will upload to Google Drive fast or slow.

Download file wool google drive

Step 5: Verify the file in Google Drive.

guide download file google drive

Made on Google Drive software

With Google Drive software on your computer, you can only download and install Google Drive for computers

Step 1: To use Google Drive, you first need to sign in to your gmail account. Enter gmail account name -> Select Next

how to download google drive service file

Step 2: Enter gmail password (In case of forgetting gmail password, please refer to how to retrieve gmail password to recover gmail account fastest.) -> Select Sign in (gmail login)

How to download files from Google Drive service

Immediately the files on Google Drive will be downloaded to the computer for storage.

download the file to google drive service

From now on, to upload data to Google Drive, you just need to copy the file and copy it into Google Drive mail on your computer.

Thus, the content in the article, has instructed you how to upload files to Google Drive on the web browser as well as on the software. For Android and iOS devices, you can also upload files to Google Drive on iPhone, Android for storage.

In case you want to process text and data better on Google Drive, you can search on Google Drive introduced by A quick search on Google Drive will be very helpful if you have too many text files and documents to handle.

Download Google Drive for iOS: Download Google Drive for iPhone
Download Google Drive for Android: Download Google Drive for Android
Download Google Drive PC: Download Google Drive
When you are sharing files on Google Drive, you do not need to download them from the browser, instead use the way to sync data from Google Drive to your computer, if you do not know how, Please refer to the article Download the shared file on Google Drive Go to the computer.


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