How to use 2 PowerPoint slide screens

How to use 2 PowerPoint slide screens

In today’s article, will show you how to use 2 PowerPoint slide screens, this is a way for users to view the current slide simultaneously and also to see the next slides on Laptop, and all However, this content will not appear on the projection screen. To clarify the implementation, please see the details in the article below.

Normally you will write the content to remember manually on paper to track, now you can Set up 2 screen projection mode in PowerPoint different. Doing this helps you to both view the slide that is being replayed and to see other notes without affecting the content you are playing on the projector or LCD screen.

Connect 2 screens in a PowerPoint slide show

Instructions for using 2 PowerPoint slide screens

* Preparation steps:

– Laptop computers use the operating system Win 7 (If you’re using Windows 10, see how to use two Windows 10 projection screens at the end of this article).
– An LCD screen or projector.
– RGB or VGA cable connection.

To establish 2-screen mode on PowerPoint slides, follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect the device

You use the RGB or VGA signal cable to make a connection between the Laptop and the projector (or LCD screen).

You notice that on a projector there are usually 2 input ports of that RGB signal gate A and port B.

How to use the powerpoint slide 2 screen

Then proceed to connect the projector cable to the Laptop.

How to use the screen 2 powerpoint slide 3

Step 2: Set up connecting laptop and projector (or LCD screen)

You press the keyboard shortcut Win + P (Window key Windows and keys P)

How to use the powerpoint slide 2 screen 4

The optional interface will appear as shown below:

How to use the powerpoint slide 2 screen 5

You make the move and then select Extend as shown below:

How to use the powerpoint slide 2 screen 6

After you have done it successfully, on the projection screen or LCD screen will be signaled from Laptop switch.

Step 3: Install a slideshow in PowerPoint

You open the PowerPoint software -> and then click on Slide Show -> and then select Set Up Slide Show.

How to use the powerpoint slide 2 screen 7

In the settings section Set Up Show -> you make custom Multiple monitors As the picture describes below -> then click select OK, got it to save settings.

How to use the powerpoint slide 2 screen 8

Step 3: Slideshow Slide PowerPoint

Finally to slide show you press the key F5 to make the slideshow start from the first Slide.

Or press the key combination Shift + F5 to show any Slide.

How to use the powerpoint slide 2 screen 9

Above is the tutorial for you to Use 2 PowerPoint slides help you display content on the slide on the projector or LCD screen, while the Laptop screen will display the content being projected or you can open any content you want without fear of being displayed on the screen. projector or LCD screen.

If you want to open a video or any other document, open as usual then drag the interface to the right edge of the screen, then the interface will automatically switch to the projector screen or LCD screen.
And if you are using Win 10 then follow the instructions in the article how to present 2 Windows 10 screens has shared to know how to do it. Good luck!


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