How to use a phone, laptop in the hot season

Currently, the temperature in major cities in Vietnam has reached record heat levels, and if you do not know how to use a hot sunscreen phone or laptop, your device will probably be damaged and worse will explode. , especially with phones. Therefore, the following guide will help you know how to use hot sun protection laptop as well as your phone.

Never before have big cities suffered a record heat wave, which affects not only us but also electronic devices such as TVs, fans, laptops and laptops. easily can see the laptop is heating up a lot more than usual days when the weather is always above 40 degrees and the road surface temperature reaches 55 degrees as today.

The protection of electronic devices such as phones, laptops and necessary jobs because if you use the phone against hot sun at this time properly will help you reduce the risk of fire as well as quickly damage the battery and if Using a good sunscreen laptop will help the device run cooler, protect components and laptop batteries from being bottled.

How to use the phone, laptop hot season

1. Check the temperature of a computer, laptop, phone

How much laptop temperature is good is a question of many users today, as we know the Laptop is made up of many different parts, so how much laptop temperature is good to pay attention to the temperature of the laptop. The internal components are combined.

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Whether your phone or laptop has a certain temperature limit, conducting a computer and laptop temperature test is so you know the status of the device and then offer a solution for the device. in hot, too hot condition. As usual, the dialog is only about 35 degrees or less, but for laptops this number is about 50 to 60 degrees, and for those who play the game can reach 70 and even 80. The use of Overheating of a device over a long period of time will wear away components and have a high rate of damage including battery damage, components that may cause short-term, unintended fires. To check the temperature of your computer, laptop you can use tools like Speedfans and if on the phone we can use software like Clean Master to measure the temperature as well as cool the CPU.

To check the CPU temperature you have a lot of software support such as CPUID HWMonitor or SpeedFan mentioned above, using these software you will check the cpu heat, know the exact status of your CPU.

2. Avoid using your phone and laptop directly in the sun and in the car

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Using in the sun or in the car is very dangerous, if you want to use a good sun protection phone, do not use directly in the sun, the risk of fire is very high at the temperature. For now, find a shade to use. As for laptops, you should limit to in cars or direct sunlight because it is not good for the battery, the hard drive as well as yourself.

3. Use only when the device is cool and cool.

If you do not guarantee the safety of electronic devices such as phones, old laptops, it is best not to use when there is signs of heat gain. This you can easily recognize when touching, especially with phones when the goods now try to cram many features but the phone is getting thinner and thinner than before.

4. Turn off unnecessary applications and connections.

One of the reasons your phone or laptop overheats is because you use too many unnecessary applications and features.In your phone, you can easily recognize and use bluetooth, 3G, WiFi and other devices. The application runs in the background. Especially playing games on the phone makes the device heat up quickly.

As for that laptop itself and its use for gaming, even the normal outdoor heat for gaming has caused the temperature to rise too high, now hot weather is easy to damage your laptop quickly. The best way to use a sunscreen laptop is to not use a laptop for gaming.

5. Turn off when not in use

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In the hot weather like this, you should only use devices such as laptops if you feel it is necessary or can be a phone to ensure the device is safe. It is very possible that hot weather will cause the device to overheat and lead to self-shutdown, in addition to it can cause some errors that you do not know in advance.
The above are 5 of our options to help you use a good sun protection phone, avoid fire and explosion as well as use a hot sun laptop effectively and only for business purposes. In addition, for long-term laptops that have not been cleaned, you should also conduct cleaning and then use thermal paste for the Laptop to make sure the machine is always cool to the maximum, using the right thermal paste. The type will keep your device cool for long periods.


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