How to use a ruler in feng shui

The hole ruler is one of the important and necessary tools in building houses as well as buying feng shui furniture to match the hobbies and destiny of the homeowner to help good luck and fortune to fill the house. , the family has a peaceful and happy life. But to use how to match feng shui, please refer to the way to use the hole ruler in feng shui below.

In the construction and procurement of furniture, you are no stranger to measuring instruments Use a ruler in feng shui The right way, not everyone knows. Here, will guide you how to use effective hole ruler.

Ruler hole

How to use a ruler in feng shui

According to the size, the hole size includes 3 types and each type will have its own arcs so when you use, you need to choose the right size that you need:

– Size hole 38.8 cm: Ruler used to measure the size of the sound.

– Size 42.9 cm hole board: Ruler used to measure the furniture and details in the house.

– Ruler hole size 52.2 cm: This ruler is used because the clearance in the house such as doors, windows, travel, repair umbrellas …

Types of bow hole size and the meaning of the bow

1. Supply board hole size 38.8 cm

The 38.8cm hole ruler consists of 10 bows of which 6 are good bowed in red and 4 are badly marked in black.

Cung Dinh

– Phuc Tinh: It means that the star is blessed.

– Do pass: Study and passing exams.

– Registration: It means passing exam.

– Prosperity: Meaning of fortune will come.

Bow Harm

– Password of speech: Words will bring disaster.

– Illness: Will get sick.

– Painter: Disaster struck unexpectedly.

– Great death: Great break with descendants.

Royal Palace

– Virtue: The virtue of heaven.

– Tien Bao: Money will come.

– Happy: Funny stories will come.

– More blessed: Blessed find abundant abundance.

The Suffering Palace

– Loss: Money will be lost.

– Devil: Related to litigation and disputes.

– Lifetime: Will mean robbed of.

– Freedom: There will be no children to continue the family line.

Cung Nghia

– Wealth: Rich fortune.

– Great sand: Meet many good things.

– Benefits: Meet many benefits.

– Treasure: Heaven bestowed on treasure.

Gong Guan

– Wealthy: Rich.

– Wealth: Money comes, abundant.

– Thuan Khoa: Passing exam.

– Advances: Received by the quarter.


– Escape nail: Son died

– Goodbye: Someone in the house will lose.

– Losing money: Money is lost.

– Separation: Somebody far from home.

Cung Hung

Prosperity: Rich

– Add nail: Add son

– Gentlemen: Have a good child

– Dang Khoa: Do Dat.

Cung That

Logout: Money will be lost.

– Recruitment: Regarding the government.

– Tuberculosis: Being imprisoned.

– She is fruitful: Living alone.

Palace of supply

Talent: Talented and virtuous.

– Tien Bao: Money will come to you.

– Summary: 6 directions are very good.

– Happiness: Happiness comes.

2. Supply hole size 42.9 cm

Different from the original hole size 38.8 cm, 42.9 cm board size includes 8 bows, including 4 bad sectors and 4 elements.

Cung Tai

Happiness: Happiness comes.

– Summary: There are 6 directions and 6 directions are good.

– Treasury: Treasure.

– Talent: Talented and virtuous.

Cung Nghia

– Great sand: Good things will come.

– Gentlemen: Good and good children.

– Benefit: Meet many benefits.

– More nails: There will be more sons.

Gong Guan

– Wealthy: Rich

– Utility: Doing business successfully, thriving.

– Fortune: Money comes unexpectedly.

– Thuan Khoa: Successful examinations, passing.

Ban Ban

– Posting: Passing exams

– Talent: The money comes.

– Prosperity: Doing business flourishes.

– Tien Bao: Money comes.

The Disease

Fruity: Loneliness.

– Tuberculosis: Going to jail.

– Incident: Relating to litigation and dispute.

– Logout: Cost of, waste of money.

Cung Ly

Loss: There is a loss of money.

– Devil: Bad things related to power.

– Lifetime: Losing because of being robbed.

– School loincloths: Related to many things

Bow Harm

– Password: Speech can cause disaster.

– Illness: Illness.

– Great death: Great break with descendants.

– Painter: Disaster strikes.


– Losing money: Losing money

– Exile: Far from home.

– Goodbye: Someone died.

– Password: Lost people.

3. Bow hole size 52.2 cm

The hole size 52.2 cm if converted to metric would be L = 0.52 m, so each arc has a size of 0.065 m, divided into 8 sectors in the order of measurement from left to right:

Nobility: Meaning good family circumstances, loyal friends, obedient, smart children, and having good and successful business. The calculation is n x L + (0.15 to 0.065)

– Threats: It means that the money of the homeowner will be consumed, the family will drift away, the family will have sick people, the needy life, and filial children. The calculation is n x L + (0.07 to 0.13).

Natural disasters: Preventing sickness, death, discord between husband and wife, children in distress The calculated wing is n x L + (0.175 to 0.195)

– Talents: Having lots of luck, money will come, children will be helped, family fun, and longevity. The calculation is n x L + (0.20 to 0.26)

Blessing: Family meets fortune, prosperity, talented talents, happy family, abundant fortune, smart children. The calculation is n x L + (0.265 to 0.325).

Solitary: The lost family, the people, the rebellious children. The calculation is n x L + (0.33 to 0.39)

– Heavenly bandits: Should be wary of diseases, wind blown, prison, death, related to litigation. The calculation is n x L + (0.395 to 0.455)

– Prime Minister: Children are talented, have gentlemen, advantages and luck in all aspects. The calculation is n x L + (0.46 to 0.52).

In that

– L = 0.52m

– n = 0; first; 2; 3 ….

In building houses or buying furniture, using a ruler is essential, playing an important role. With the guide to using the hole ruler in feng shui above, you will better understand how to use the ruler effectively to make things go smoothly and smoothly.

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