How to use Advanced Task Manager

How to use Advanced Task Manager

Exploiting and using Advanced Task Manager will help users can easily observe and better understand quickly the active components and tasks on their computers, thus having the best solution or solution. optimally to improve equipment performance.

Advanced Task Manager Has the same function as Task Manager on Windows operating system but much more powerful. This tool supports management, statistics and performance evaluation, and allows users to dig deeper into what is working offline on the computer.

How to use Advanced Task Manager

To find out details about specific features and how Use the Advanced Task Manager , let Taimienphi explore the details in the content below. But first, you need to download and install the latest version of Advanced Task Manager.

– Download the Advanced Task Manager software here: Download Advanced Task Manager

How to use Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager has a tabbed layout similar to Windows Task Manager. Users will not take much time to get acquainted and fluent in the software.

1. Program Card

Card Program Advanced Task Manager has the same features as Windows Processs but is presented in more detail. The Program tab displays a list of running programs and services, listing the resources they are using.

More noticeably, you can view the rating of security and harm by clicking on each active task. If you feel suspicious or want to turn off a task that takes up resources or hangs, just select and press Endtask .

using advanced task manager 2

2. The StartUp tab

User can use StartUp tab list of programs that will start with Windows. To speed up computer boot faster, you can choose Remove good Disable programs. Otherwise you can also choose Add to add the program to the list to optimize the working efficiency for the computer.

using advanced task manager 3

3. The DLLs tag

True to its name, DLLs tags List files with extensions .DLL and .EXE on the device. Just click on any file in the list, you can see the full information including Name, location, size and version of the file. Typically, this information is more of interest to technology professionals. If you are an ordinary user then you can ignore it.

using advanced task manager 4

4. Performance tab

In Advanced Task Manager, Performance tab Functions as a health monitoring tool, the status of the active task of the computer. Users can view CPU graphs being used, memory consumption of programs, even measure network speed exactly according to the actual situation.

using advanced task manager 5

5. Internet Connections tab

With Internet Connections tab , users can track more detailed information about underground tasks connecting and using the Internet. Besides listing, this card also shows more information about IP addresses, how to connect, … details for users to track.

using advanced task manager 6
In content instructions way Use the Advanced Task Manager, Taimienphi will only introduce important and functional tags that are of interest to many users. To learn more about Insights like File User good Driver Please install and experience. In addition, you can also refer Use Task Manager here.


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