How to use AnyDesk, remote computer control software

How to use AnyDesk, remote computer control software

Referring to the remote control software, everyone probably thinks of Teamviewer immediately, but besides that, there are other software with features and advantages that are not inferior to AnyDesk, for example, how to use it AnyDesk remotely controls the computer to better understand this software.

Most prominent of AnyDesk is using DeskRT image technology developed by the company, providing extremely smooth image quality with extremely small image latency even when the Internet speed you are using is not really high. Use AnyDesk Connecting a remote computer is a suitable solution, completely replacing Teamviewer if you are looking for a simple, yet powerful, remote control software.

AnyDesk – new option for remote computer control

Time AnyDesk provides users with 4 versions to use, including the Free version (free version), Lite version (shortened version), Professional version (professional version) and Enterprise version (enterprise version). If you are only for personal use, the AnyDesk Free version will certainly be the best fit for you, this can be considered as an option. Remote remote computers with Anydesk instead of Teamviewer.

Instructions to use AnyDesk to control computers remotely

Step 1: Download and install AnyDesk Follow the download link below:
– Download AnyDesk
Step 2: Run the file AnyDesk just downloaded -> software AnyDesk will launch automatically and will display as shown below:

how to use anydesk to remote remote control

After starting AnyDesk software as the above image interface, you will see there are 2 main parts:

– This Desk: In this section, Anydesk Address is the address or password for you to send to others, someone if you want them to make a connection to your computer. With Anydesk software, you only need this address to be able to connect already, it is different from your use of Teamviewer that requires both ID and password to connect.

– Remote Desk: This is the part used to make a connection and control another computer. You enter the AnyDesk address of the device to connect to -> and then click Connect. Of course, to see and be able to control the other device, you have to wait for the other party to agree (that person will click Accept to accept).

using anydesk

Step 3: As the image above, you will see in addition to pressing Accept (Agree) and Dismiss (Deny) the Anydesk software also allows users to choose the right and allow the connection to be used, this is a pretty special feature, very good.
Besides, the software also features chat and chat similar to when you use on Teamviewer software.

How to use anydesk

When used, you will see the interface of AnyDesk It is also quite simple to use, supporting users to connect multiple computers at the same time.

using anydesk, software remote control remote computer

If you want to install AnyDesk on your computer -> click on the line Install AnyDesk on this computer..

how to use anydesk to remote remote control

Next, you will customize a few settings (or keep the default) and click Accept & Install to start the installation process on your computer.

How to use anydesk to remote remote control

Besides connecting via the AnyDesk ID range, you are also provided with other connectivity options such as entering the IP or hostname, or you use unattended access in the LAN that requires you to have set a supervisor password in the past.

how to use anydesk to remote remote control

In addition, you have quite a few other options to tweak the permissions when remote control the computer. With the default setting, the application allows the remote control to view the content of your computer screen, hear the output sound, as well as control the keyboard and mouse of the computer. You can also go to AnyDesk settings to change the default permissions, or to set up security if necessary.

  Use anydesk to control remote control

Like Teamviewer, you can transfer data between two computers by dragging and dropping the file onto the console to share data.

Time Use AnyDesk to control the computer remotely In addition to using the Windows operating system to connect computers, users can also control from a computer from iPhone through the application. AnyDesk for iOS or smartphones using Android via software AnyDesk for Android.
I wish you successful implementation!


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