How to use AutoDraw, a quick drawing tool

How to use AutoDraw, a quick drawing tool

Recently Google has launched an automatic drawing tool brought on AutoDraw to help AutoDraw users can draw a beautiful, professional picture in no time. AutoDraw is a result of the latest research from Google developed based on AI Quick, Draw experiments.

Typically painting is for artists only, while for the rest it’s extremely difficult. But Use AutoDraw then this work alleviates some of the burden. Google’s latest technology built on top of AI research gives a pretty good result of building images from your brush strokes.

Of course AutoDraw is still in the process of development and hence the number of drawings WHO While this may still be limited, the positive response from the community is that AutoDraw is being well received and that Google will certainly develop its own child. Instead of having to use professional graphics software to draw images like Adobe Illutrator or Corel Draw is quite complex but your needs are not so high, AutoDraw can be used as a drawing tool for ideas in a way. The most simple but beautiful.

How to use AutoDraw, a quick drawing tool

Step 1: To be able to draw a quick picture we visit here: AutoDraw.

Immediately you will see the interface of AutoDraw appear in front of you very simply including 2 options Start Drawing – draw now or Fast How-To * – quick start Guide. Readers can click and read the instructions first if you want, if not Select Start Drawing.

how to use autodraw camera to quickly scan images 2

Step 2: In AutoDraw interface, you can see 6 tools with functions and 1 color box below to adjust the colors for each tool, including:

Move: Move objects in the picture, including words and pictures.

AutoDraw: Draw automatically, you and the AI ​​system will automatically recognize it.

Draw: I will, like Paint in Windows.

Text: Add text to the drawing.

Fill: Paint in each box for the picture.

Shape: Create square, round blocks for drawings

how to use autodraw to quickly scan images 3

Step 3: First we will draw a user image AutoDraw okay, click AutoDraw and draw as you like.

using autodraw quick camera 4

Step 4: The above are some suggestions according to the identity of the AI ​​you can refer and apply to the best.

how to use autodraw to quickly scan images 5

Step 5: Next to Fill the picture with color you have just chosen.

using autodraw quick camera 6

Step 6: To complete the drawing similar to the title, will now draw one more a diamond with a very simple shape.

using autodraw quick camera 7

And then proceed to color your diamond.

using autodraw quick camera 8

Step 7: Later Use the Move tool to edit, zoom in and out as well as position it a bit to get a nice picture. You can also Use the Text tool to add text as in the picture so that it is reasonable.

using autodraw quick camera 9

Step 8: If you want to download or share, please click on 3 dash symbol and choose Download or Share respectively.

how to use autodraw camera to quickly scan 10

Step 9: Painting will have PNG format, helping drawers to edit better compared to regular JPG format.

using autodraw quick camera 11

Step 10: With the Share option, you have the right Share paintings on Facebook, Google + Or share the link directly as you like.

using autodraw quick camera 11

With a few basic operations How to use AutoDraw You can draw yourself a simple picture, beautiful and quite satisfied with the tool AutoDraw is not it. With a good start like this, definitely later Use AutoDraw will be more popular, the tool will be taken care of more and more. In addition, the Draw drawing mode This is usually a challenge if you want to train yourself on a computer instead of using AutoDraw mode.
On the computer we usually have Paint, but we often open Paint on Windows with the purpose of backing up screenshots without knowing that this tool for using drawing is also very good. Although not a professional software, but if you use the same Paint shortcuts, actually to draw a picture is not difficult. Paint shortcuts are not as many as other graphic software, but they are enough for you to use.


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