How to use B612 on phones, take and edit photos

If you are a selfie enthusiast then using B612 will be a great choice for you. The following article will guide you how to use B612 on your phone, take and edit photos.

B612 photography app is loved by its simple use of B612, creating vivid, unique effects, collage easily. Camera B612 will be a great choice for those who are interested in selfie. If you still do not know how Use B612 on the phone, capture and edit then follow the article below.

How to use B612 on phones, take and edit photos

– Download B612 for Android
– Download B612 for iPhone

Step 1: After the download and installation is complete, the login interface of the application will appear, here you can skip this step by selecting Ignore

How to use b612 exactly

Step 2: Camera B612 has many shooting modes, creating videos for us to freely choose

thường: Normal shooting
Music: Video recording with music
Hand-free: Hands-free shooting mode
Boomerang: Continuous shooting mode

How to use b612 to take pictures on your phone

Take photos with b612 on iPhone

Step 3: You can make other settings at the top of the application interface

1: Photo gallery
2: Select a capture frame
3: Settings such as flash, touch to capture, shooting timeout, etc.
4: Change front and back camera

How to use b612 on Android

Step 4: Below are the shooting effects for you to choose when shooting, There are many cute effects, unique for you to choose.

Click and edit the Bang Bang B612
Above is a guide on how to use B612 on your phone, taking and editing photos. Hopefully, through this article, you will learn more about this amazing selfie camera app Camera B612. Good luck.
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