How to use Bluestacks, run applications, install Android emulator games on computers and laptops

BlueStacks emulation software has long been familiar to gamers, the interface changes in the latest BlueStacks 4 version, some players have difficulty getting used to. Understanding this, will share to you how to use and download BlueStack effectively below.

BlueStacks is the leading software for emulating Android on Windows operating systems. When installing Bluestacks, you will have the right to download, install and use all Android applications that you could only play on Android phones before. The following article will guide you How to use BlueStacks from A-Z

Currently BlueStacks 4 has been released with many new features for gamers, especially for those who like to play multiple games at the same time. BlueStacks 3 will fulfill that wish of yours.

How to use Bluestacks, run applications, install Android emulator games on computers and laptops

Table of Contents:
* BlueStacks 4 installation instructions.
* Set up google account in BlueStacks.
* Download applications, apps in BlueStacks.
* Main feature BlueStacks.

Instructions for installing BlueStacks 4

Step 1:Download BlueStacks 4 Download it to your computer via the quick download link below.
– Download the BlueStacks 4 installer: Download BlueStacks 4
Step 2:Right click Go to the downloaded .exe file and select it Run as administrator.

How to set up Bluestacks 4

Step 3: In the installation interface that appears, click Install now. The system will automatically install BlueStacks 4 in the default folder is C: ProgramData BlueStacks.

Install Bluestacks 4 on your computer

Or you can press the button Customize installation Next to reset the installation directory location, then press Install now.

Use Bluestacks 4

You wait for 1-3 minutes for the system to automatically install BlueStacks 4 on the device.

Download and install Bluestacks 4 on your computer

Install Google account in BlueStacks 4
Step 1:Open BlueStacks 4 has just been installed on the device.
Step 2: The first time you run BlueStacks 4, the system will ask you to log in to your Google Play account. Press Sign in to log in now.

How to install Bluestacks 4 on Windows 7

In case you do not have a Google account, you can refer to the instructions How to Sign up for Gmail new fast right here.
Step 2: Google Play Store window appears, choose SIGN IN.

How to install Bluestacks 4 for Windows 7

Step 3: Enter the address Gmail account then press next.

How to install Bluestacks software 4

Step 4: Continue enter password of your Gmail account and then select next.

How to install Bluestacks 4

Step 5: Click on it I Agree to agree to the terms of use of the service from Google.

using Bluestacks home appliance 4

Step 6: In the Google services window, you choose More.

How to set up Bluestacks 4 for Windows

Another option appears again, press Accept.

Install Bluestacks 4 on Windows

So you have completed the installation process and login to Google on BlueStacks 4. From now on you can download and use Android applications and games on your computer as usual.

Instructions for installing BlueStacks 3

Step 1: Download the BlueStacks 3 installer to your computer
Step 2: After downloading, double-click the file .exe to start the installation.

Install bluestack

Step 3: The installation interface appears, click Install now to install.

using bluestack

Or you can click Customize installation to change the installation path of BlueStacks 3 so that enough 2GB (2048MB) of space is required. The default path will be C: ProgramData BlueStacks

using bluestack

Step 4: Sit back and wait a few minutes for BlueStacks 3 to automatically install onto your computer. Depending on the configuration of your computer, the installation speed may be fast or slow.

using bluestack

Step 5: BlueStacks 3 program installed, opening the interface will be a welcome Welcome to BlueStacks. Now just click on the white arrow button to get acquainted with the new useful features on BlueStacks 3.

using bluestack

Wait a few minutes for the program to launch and start the first use session of BlueStacks 3.

using bluestack

Install Google account in BlueStacks 3

Step 1: The first time you run BlueStacks 3, the system will ask you to launch the location feature to determine the location and application area of ​​priority to help you download the application more accurately. Press Agree to continue.

using bluestacks

Step 2: Next, click the arrow icon when you have selected the language pack for the software. Here I choose Vietnamese.

using bluestacks

Step 3: The first time you run BlueStacks 3, the system will ask you to provide a Google account to use the Google Play store. Press Continue to the next step.

using bluestacks

Step 4: Enter your Gmail account information and password, then click the arrow icon.

using bluestacks

Step 5: Click on it OK, got it to agree to the terms of use of BlueStacks 3

using bluestacks

Confirm Google services, press the arrow key to go to the next step.

using bluestacks

Step 6: Set up billing account information so you can buy paid apps online. If there is no need and just download the free app, you can click No, thanks.

using bluestacks

Step 7: Set the display name of the device

using bluestacks

Step 8: Finally, you press Completed to finish the set up and start using BlueStacks 3.

using bluestacks

Instructions for installing BlueStacks 2

See details: Minimum configuration for installing BlueStacks

Step 1: Download BlueStacks 2 Last version here.
Step 2: Navigate to the folder containing the downloaded Bluestack 2 file and double-click the file .exe to install.

Install bluestacks 2

Install BlueStacks 2

Step 3: Choose Continue

how to bluestacks 2 on pc

Install BlueStacks 2

Step 4: Select a folder to save data and select Next

How to install bluestacks 2 on laptop

How to install BlueStack 2

Step 5: Choose Setup (Setup)

how to install bluestacks 2

Wait a few minutes for BlueStacks to automatically install onto your PC

bluestacks 2

Instructions to install BlueStacks 2 – play many Android games on PC

Step 6: Tick ​​Start BlueStacks and select finish to open the program immediately or uncheck the box to open at a later time

setup bluestacks 2

So you have completed the steps to install the Android BlueStacks 2. Emulator program. Next, Taimienphi will guide you how to use BlueStacks, how to use BlueStacks through Google Gmail account.

Install Google account in BlueStacks

Step 1: Once you run the application for the first time, you need to sign in with your Google account. Press Sign in with Google.

  Install bluestack

Step 2: Enter your gmail information and login gmail

Cai bluestack

Step 3: After logging in successfully, press Allow to grant access to BlueStacks

Use bluestack

Step 4: Enter information Profile for BlueStacks then click Done

how to use bluestack

Step 5: Keep pressing Agree at the next screen

introduce bluestack

Step 6: Select the language again Vietnamese If you want to use Vietnamese, then click on the triangle icon

Install and use Bluestack

Step 7: Click Continue to log in to your Google account

Install bluestacks

Step 8: Retype the email information and password, then click the triangle icon as shown

Install bluestacks

Step 9: Click OK, got it to agree to the BlueStacks terms of use

Use bluestacks

Step 10: Set the display name

how to use bluestack

Soon you should be ready to use BlueStack

How to use bluestacks settings

How to use BlueStacks – Download applications, apps in BlueStacks

Step 1: From the main screen Click Search Apps

How to install bluestacks

Step 2: Here you enter keywords to search applications and games. Here his example with keywords Subway Surfer, the corresponding application will appear, please click to see details.

How to install bluestacks

Step 3: After displaying the application details you proceed with the installation by Click Install

Install bluestack

Step 4: After installation, you can run the application right on Bluestack. The application will run in tab format, the conversion is very easy, you can also click to Android tab to return to the main screen.

Install bluestack

Proceed to Install BlueStacks 2 is an Android emulator on computers and laptops that are used by most users today. With the benefits that BlueStacks software brings, your computer will become a different version of the current Android operating system smartphones.

Install bluestacks

Install bluestacks, emulate Android using BlueStacks on computers, laptops

BlueStacks uses a special technique, LayerCake, to give users the most honest Android environment. The article above introduced on how to use BlueStacks 2 on the computer is quite detailed for you.

Some key features of BlueStacks
– Synchronization between mobile devices using Android operating system and your computer via BlueStacks Cloud Connect, can make calls, SMS, take pictures …
– Can run window mode or run full screen computer.
– Unlimited applications installed on it.
– With large cache you can play 3D Games.
– Support many different languages.

Thus, introduced to you how to install Bluestacks as well as how to use BlueStacks, the Android emulator will help you experience the operating system. Android on computers, you use them like mobile devices on computers, that’s great isn’t it. In case you do not want to use BlueStacks on your computer, you absolutely can Uninstalling Bluestacks a simple way

The process of using BlueStacks, you will encounter times when the software runs quite slowly, to speed up again, make Bluestacks run faster, you can speed up BlueStacks In various ways, or for more details refer to the article on how to speed up BlueStacks that presented will help you perform properly and make the speed of BlueStacks will run faster than before.

Currently, Bluestacks has launched the latest version of Bluestacks 4 with a simpler, more intuitive interface, and the improvements in speed and features are also taken to a new level. You can download and experience Bluestacks 4 instead of the old version from now on.
Installation of Bluestacks is not always successful, in case of having many different errors, you also need to know how to solve, one of the most common errors is the “25000” error when installing BlueStacks. Error 25000 is because you have not installed the driver for the computer or the graphics card driver is not compatible, how to fix it Error 25000 when installing bluestacks It’s quite simple, you just need to scan the missing driver for your computer and the update is done.


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